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Carroll Connection

More from the Carroll School


The Boston College Chief Executives Club has been long recognized as one of the country’s premier business forums. To learn more, check out their most recent events' briefings.


The Center for Retirement Research is recognized by the New York Times as “…the nation’s leading center on retirement studies.” Join the CRR email list to receive their newsletter and follow them on twitter to learn more about their current projects.


The Center for Work & Family is committed to enhancing the quality of life of today’s workforce by providing leadership for the integration of work and life. Read more about them in their most recent newsletter.


The Corcoran Center’s mission is to develop skilled professionals in the field of real estate. See what's happening at the center and learn how to get involved.


The Shea Center’s mission is to integrate entrepreneurial thinking into the educational and formational experience of students at Boston College. Learn more by reading their most recent newsletter.


The Winston Center engages students, faculty, staff, and alumni in the intellectual exploration of leadership and ethics in business and society. Learn more about the center in their most recent newsletter.