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Carroll Connection

When Seniors Need Not Apply ... Because They’ve Already Landed the Job


Ronald Ren

hometown: worcester, massachusetts
concentrations: finance & marketing
(philosophy minor)
bound for: bank of america commercial banking grouphartford, connecticut

Like other Carroll School students, Ren speaks enthusiastically about “the BC network,” especially alumni and, during his past years at the School, seniors who offered him guidance. “Everyone was extremely helpful and willing to teach me about whatever positions they knew about, whatever openings they had,” he says. After interning at Work ’N Gear and Fidelity, Ren found his permanent opening as a credit analyst in a group informally called “Business Banking” at Bank of America.

“What that means is that I’ll be giving them [business owners] money based on their credit and helping them grow. And what’s cool about it is that a lot of these companies don’t have accounts and financial statements,” he says. “They’re more mom-and-pop shops that write down their revenue at the end of the night. You’ve got to dig deeper, and a lot of it is relationship building.”

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