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Carroll Connection

All in the (BC) Family


Christopher McAvinn

photographed with: david f. mcavinn ’51 (grandfather), paige mcavinn ’18 (sister) & peter j. mcavinn ’84 (dad)

Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Concentration: Finance

“I’d say my grandfather and father influenced me indirectly. They never said ‘you should go to BC’ or ever tried to influence me to go to BC. They let me find my own path, but throughout my life I’ve been coming here to the football games and basketball games and I really loved the culture.

“I think my sister’s thought process was pretty much the same as mine. She liked the school and I think she made the right decision.

“It’s been great having her here. We even help each other with our homework sometimes.”

McAvinn’s grandfather offered some recollections via email, including these:

“In September 1947, I arrived at BC from Melrose by trolley. Like the majority, I would be a commuter for four years. My first classes were in wooden barracks-style classrooms from WWII on the Beacon Street side. A large percentage of the students were returned vets from WWII. The only coeds were in the School of Nursing.

“I graduated in 1951, just in time to be swept into the army for the Korean conflict.

“I take great pride in my large BC family.”

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