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Carroll Connection

All in the (BC) Family


Christopher Haley

photographed with: kathleen powers haley ’76 (mom; university trustee)

Hometown: Dover, Massachusetts
Concentration: Finance (Chinese Language minor)

“We’ve always been a ‘BC Family.’ Ever since I can remember, we’ve always gone to football games and basketball games. That was always a highlight of my childhood. Watching the D-1 sports programs compete. When I was younger, it was always my dream to play BC football. I know that’s everyone’s dream.

“When I was applying to colleges I originally only applied to the smaller, NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference) schools. And then about halfway through the recruiting process, I decided I didn’t want to play college football anymore. I wanted to expand into a bigger school and meet a bunch of different people. I realized I wanted that ‘big school atmosphere.’

“My parents really let me have free reign on my application process, which was nice. It was actually pretty liberating. They didn’t have a tremendous influence, they really wanted me to make the decision for myself.”

Haley also has a BC brother—Matthew J. Haley ’10.

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