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Carroll Connection

All in the (BC) Family


Christine Zaccaro

photographed with: thomas zaccaro, law ’84 (dad) & joanne caruso ’82, law ’86 (mom)

Hometown: Los Angeles
Concentration: Marketing (African Studies minor)

“My dad went to Georgetown undergrad and both my parents have a lot of school pride, so growing up I actually always wanted to go to Georgetown and my sister always wanted to go to BC. I had all the Georgetown stuff and she had all the BC stuff. And when we were going on college tours, Georgetown was the school I wanted to see, but then I saw BC and fell in love with it. And it switched.

“And it’s funny because now my sister is at Georgetown.

“My mom did so much here, but I wanted to build my own path. I wanted to make my own life here at BC and I think I was able to do that, which I love.

“I was walking in Fulton the other day and realized that it was one of the last times I’d be walking in there as a student. It really goes by so fast.”

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