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Carroll Connection

All in the (BC) Family


Cameron Granger

photographed with: alyssa granger ’18

Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
Concentrations: Finance and Philosophy

“We’ve done a lot together [Cameron and his sister]. In terms of academics, I think I’ve been able to be there for her by making sure that my friends who are pre-med were able to mentor her. I know we were on different tracks, but having extra outlets for her to use was helpful. My girlfriend is actually pre-med psych, so the two of them are probably closer than my girlfriend and I are. So she’s had a bunch of older mentors. And I think she’s really appreciated that. She glided through freshman year and sophomore year and now she’s about to be a junior.

“There’s never been a time at BC where I’ve just sat back and said ‘I don’t know what to do with myself right now.’ There’s always something that can be done and that’s something I’ve learned throughout my time at BC.

“I think that the most valuable lesson I could tell freshmen coming in is to come in humble because your time at BC will change you as a person and a leader. And you just need that leap of faith to do something new and test yourself in a different area of life to really find out who you could possibly become.”

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