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Carroll School of Management

Jesuit Tradition

Stained glass with Chalice and Bible

The goal of Jesuit education is to produce men and women for whom discernment is a habit. Perhaps the most important reason for the success of the early Jesuit schools was a set of qualities that Jesuits aspired to themselves and which they consciously set out to develop in their students:

  • Self-knowledge and discipline,
  • Attentiveness to their own experience and to others',
  • Trust in God's direction of their lives,
  • Respect for intellect and reason as tools for discovering truth,
  • Skill in discerning the right course of action,
  • A conviction that talents and knowledge are gifts to be used to help others,
  • Flexibility and pragmatism in problem solving,
  • Large-hearted ambition, and
  • A desire to find God working in all things.

It is in this tradition that the Carroll School of Management strives to create a learning environment that allows students to reach their potential in these areas so that they will become responsible and accountable leaders in business and society. Our graduates are not only well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to create value within organizations, but they are also equipped to effectively deal with the complexities of the business world because of this unique values-based education.