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Sokiente Dagogo-Jack

Sokiente (Tari) Dagogo-Jack

assistant professor, marketing

Ph.D. in Marketing, Foster School of Business, University of Washington

Representative publication:
“Temporal Egotism: Change in the Self as an Anchor for Brand Improvement Judgments” (with Mark Forehand), under review

“My research focuses on how temporal comparisons—
judgments of change in the self, others, or brands over time—influence various facets of consumer behavior. In one current project, I explore how consumers project perceptions of improvement in themselves onto brands they feel connected to, thereby encouraging them to upgrade to newer versions of the brands’ products. In a second stream of research, I examine the nonconscious effects of brand identity elements, such as brand logos and visual design, on consumers’ judgments and decisions. In general, I approach these different topics using lab experiments and field studies.”

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