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Jean M. Bartunek

Jean M. Bartunek, R.S.C.J

professor and robert a. and evelyn j. ferris chair of organizational studies

Associate Editor, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science
Editorial Board, Academy of Management Journal
Advisory Board, Academy of Management Discoveries

When she was asked to take charge of the Academy of Management Review’s “Academy Reading” review and essay section, Bartunek saw an opportunity to expand the top-ranked journal to include interdisciplinary papers from around the world that explore the relationships between management research and fields such as world literature, visual art, and the socioeconomics of the holiday season in Great Britain.

“I searched very hard to find people within the Academy of Management who knew about the arts and could shed light on how they connected to the academy,” Bartunek says. “I feel like I’m able to make a really useful contribution at a journal that goes out to people in over 100 countries.”

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