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Işil Alev

Işıl Alev

assistant professor, operations management

Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Representative publication:
“Extended Producer Responsibility and Secondary Markets” (with Vishal Agrawal and Atalay Atasu), under review

“My research interests lie in sustainable operations management, with a particular emphasis on business practices subject to environmental policy. The motivation for my research arises from prevalent real-world managerial problems and existing gaps between practice and literature in this context. My research also draws on collaborations with practitioners involved in crafting and implementing environmental policies. Analyzing operational implementation details on the ground, I investigate drivers of the gaps between intended and realized outcomes in this context. Overall, my research provides managerial insights and policy guidelines from an operational perspective to inform environmental policy-making toward achieving better environmental and economic outcomes.”

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