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Faculty research

June 2014

Faculty research

In April 2014, Associate Professor of Marketing S. Adam Brasel and Egan Professor of Computer Science James Gips published “Tablets, touchscreens, and touchpads: How varying touch interfaces trigger psychological ownership and endowment” in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Brasel and Gips also coauthored “Enhancing television advertising: same language subtitles can improve brand recall, verbal memory, and behavioral intent” in the May 2014 edition of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Associate Professor of Accounting Mary Ellen Carter published “Compensation Peer Groups and Their Relation with CEO Pay” (with Brian Cadman) in the April 2014 edition of the Journal of Management Accounting Research.

Associate Professor of Operations Management Jiří Chod and Professor of Operations Management Jianer Zhou explored the optimal investment in flexible and non-flexible resources in their paper “Resource Flexibility and Capital Structure” in the March 2014 issue of Management Science.

Associate Professor of Strategic Management Marta Geletkanycz delivered a keynote address on governance reform to the Strategic Management Group of Madrid in March.

A new console for EagleEyes, which allows people with severe disabilities to use computers, is being manufactured for the first time. The new console eliminates the need for batteries. A new release of Camera Mouse, which helps people with limited muscle control to operate computers, is available at Both technologies were developed at Boston College by Egan Professor of Computer Science James Gips.

Mary Ann Glynn, Joseph F. Cotter Professor of Management and Organization, published “Turnkey or Tailored? Relational Pluralism, Institutional Complexity, and the Organizational Adoption of More or Less Customized Practices” (with Ryan Raffaelli) in the May 2014 edition of the Academy of Management Journal.

Stephanie Greene, associate professor and chair of the business law department, wrote about the legal implications of the marketing of FDA-approved drugs for unapproved uses in “Off-Label Drug Promotion and the First Amendment” (with Lars Noah) in the April 2014 issue of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. Greene also coauthored a paper with Christine Neylon O’Brien, professor of business law, titled “The NLRB v. The Courts: Showdown Over the Right to Collective Action in Workplace Disputes,” forthcoming in the American Business Law Journal.

Associate Professor of Management and Organization Candace Jones served as an external faculty expert for the Technical University of Berlin Department of Sociology’s third Summer School in May.

Assistant Professor of Accounting Lian Fen Lee presented a paper she coauthored with Professor of Accounting and Hillenbrand Family Fellow Amy Hutton and Associate Professor of Accounting Susan Z. Shu at the 2014 Journal of Accounting Research conference held at the University of Chicago from May 15 to May 17. The title of the paper was “The Role of Social Media in the Capital Market: Evidence from Consumer Product Recalls.”

Alvis Lo, assistant professor of accounting, published “Do Declines in Bank Health Affect Borrowers’ Voluntary Disclosures? Evidence from International Propagation of Banking Shocks” in the May 2014 issue of the Journal of Accounting Research.

Christine Neylon O’Brien, professor of business law, wrote about the evolving use of social media as it relates to the National Labor Relations Act in “The National Labor Relations Board: Perspectives on Social Media,” published in the Charleston Law Review’s companion issue to its annual symposium.

O’Connor Family Professor Michael G. Pratt explored the nature, causes, and consequences of meaningful work in “Meaningful Work: Connecting Business Ethics and Organization Studies” (with Christopher Michaelson, Adam M. Grant, and Craig P. Dunn) in the April 2014 edition of the Journal of Business Ethics.

Margot Reder, part-time faculty in business law, presented “Big Data: Managing Legal Issues in a Rapidly Changing Environment” to the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association at UMass Lowell on April 5.

Jonathan Reuter, associate professor of finance, presented “What is the Impact of Financial Advisors on Retirement Portfolio Choices and Outcomes?” (coauthored with John Chalmers) at the Swedish Institute for Financial Research's Conference on Insurance on May 7.

Ronnie Sadka, professor of finance and Hillenbrand Family Fellow, gave a keynote speech titled “Big-data Applications for Alpha Generation and Risk Management” at the Barclays Quantitative Forum on May 14.

Associate Research Professor of Management and Organization Richard Spinello’s new book, Global Capitalism, Culture, and Ethics (Routledge, 2014), was recently published.

Jérôme Taillard, assistant professor of finance, presented his paper “Does Risk Management Affect Firm Value? Evidence from a Natural Experiment” (with Erik Gilje) at two conferences: the Ohio State University Finance Alumni Conference in Columbus on May 17, and the Society for Financial Studies Cavalcade at Georgetown University on May 20. Taillard also gave a talk on risk management at the new Risk Institute at the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State on May 16.

David P. Twomey, professor of business law, presented “NLRA Impasse Cases: What's Right, What's Not Right, and What Can Be Done About It” to the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association at UMass Lowell on April 5.

Warren Zola, executive director of the Office of Corporate and Government Affairs and adjunct associate professor of business law, moderated a panel entitled “The Evolving Legal Landscape of College Athletics” at the Sports Lawyers Association 40th Annual Conference in Chicago on May 15.




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