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Faculty research

December 2013

Faculty research

Nadya Malenko, assistant professor of finance, along with her co-author, presented “The Labor Market for Directors and Externalities in Corporate Governance” at the fourth annual conference of the Foundation for the Advancement of Research in Financial Economics in October.

In its decision on Zisumbo v. Ogden Regional Medical Center, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit cited “The Law of After-Acquired Evidence in Employment Discrimination Cases: Clarification of the Employer’s Burden, Remedial Guidance, and the Enigma of Post-Termination Misconduct” by Christine Neylon O’Brien, professor of business law. Also, an article on intellectual property defense in the October 2013 edition of Columbia Law Review cited “Managing the Risk of Trade Secret Loss Due to Job Mobility in an Innovation Economy with the Theory of Inevitable Disclosure,” which O’Brien co-authored with Margo E.K. Reder, adjunct lecturer in business law.

At the Review of Accounting Studies 2013 Conference in November, Associate Professor of Accounting Sugata Roychowdhury and a co-author presented “Do Loan Loss Reserves Behave like Capital? Evidence from Recent Bank Failures.”

Ronnie Sadka, professor of finance, co-authored “Big Data Presents Opportunities for Hedge Funds,” which was published in November 2013 by the Hedge Funds Review. That same month, Sadka lectured on “Liquidity Risk and Asset Prices” at CFA Quebec’s Risk Management Seminar 2013.

Richard Spinello, associate research professor of management and organization, co-authored “Privacy, Property Rights, and Gene Ownership,” which appears in the book Bioinformatics Law: Legal Issues for Computational Biology in the Post-Genome Era (American Bar Association, 2014).




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