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December 2013
Dean Andy Boynton


Reading list


Books and articles that matter


Last month, the CIA released some 1,400 pages of previously classified intelligence that supported President Jimmy Carter’s efforts to broker the historic 1978 Camp David Accords between the leaders of Egypt and Israel. Perhaps most notable among these documents is a five-page memo to Carter drafted by his national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose “Strategy for Camp David” may be the most instructive memo I have ever read. More »

Richard McGowan, S.J.

Top stories

  • MGM Resorts International Chairman and CEO James J. Murren pitched his ambitious Springfield, Mass., casino project to the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club, the Boston Globe reported. But Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance Richard McGowan, S.J., told the Boston Herald that MGM, which is $13 billion in debt, faces an uphill battle to finance any such casino. More »
  • Online shoppers who touch a product on a tablet screen are more likely to buy it, Associate Professor of Marketing S. Adam Brasel told the Boston Globe in a front-page article that featured his research, conducted with Egan Professor of Information Systems James Gips, on online impulse buying. Their paper, “Tablets, Touchscreens, and Touchpads: How Varying Touch Interfaces Trigger Psychological Ownership and Endowment,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. More »
  • Four successful tech industry alumnae returned to campus for “Silicon Valley Comes to the Heights,” a panel discussion moderated by Adjunct Associate Professor of Accounting Elizabeth Bagnani and cosponsored by the Boston College Technology Council, Boston College Women in Business, and the student-run Information Systems Academy and the Boston College Venture Competition. Boston College Magazine reports »
Billy Soo and Susan Shu

Faculty research

  • The U.S. Department of Justice investigation of KPMG’s sales of tax shelters provided a testing ground for the theory that independent audits confer an implicit form of insurance on investments. Billy Soo and Susan Shu, both associate professors of accounting, and fellow scholars examined the circumstances in Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory. More »
  • Accenture Professor of Marketing Katherine (Kay) Lemon and collaborators developed a dynamic hurdle model and used a hidden Markov chain to study customer dynamics over time. The researchers found that marketing activities affect each of four segments of the customer base—the deal-prone, dependable, active, and event-driven—differently. Catalogs, however, appear to influence purchasing among all groups. More »
  • Firms involved in asbestos litigation suffered significant increases in legal liabilities in the wake of a 1999 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that favored plaintiffs. But defendant firms experienced only minor indirect costs of financial distress, writes Assistant Professor of Finance Jerome Taillard in the Journal of Corporate Finance. More »

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Alicia Munnell

In the news

  • The specter of big pension cuts looms large for city workers and retired municipal employees in Detroit, which recently entered bankruptcy. Pension cuts could hit those with health problems and any homeowners whose houses are underwater particularly hard, Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences Alicia Munnell told the Detroit Free Press. Munnell, who is also the director of the Center for Retirement Research, discussed the pension problem in Detroit on NPR’s “On Point” as well.
  • Adjunct lecturer Gregory Stoller explained the success of Frost Ice Bar—New England’s only indoor bar made entirely of ice—to Boston Business Journal. The Faneuil Hall Marketplace hot spot, where the temperature is kept at 21 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, was launched in Stoller’s Business Planning and Entrepreneurship course.
  • Associate Professor of Information Systems Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane has been named the guest editor for social business at MIT Sloan Management Review. In this yearlong position, Kane is leading the publication’s coverage of social business and contributing regular articles about the field.

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Sam Ransbotham

Awards and grants

  • Sam Ransbotham, an assistant professor of information systems, and co-authors won the University of Maryland Center for Health Information & Decision Systems Workshop on Health IT Economics (WHITE) 2013 “Best Young Researcher” award for their paper, “Improving the Malpractice System: Effect of EMRs on Claim Resolution Time.” Ransbotham also won the “Best Reviewer Award” at the INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS) Conference on Information Systems and Technology. 
  • Associate Professor Mary Tripsas’s “Technology, Identity, and Inertia Through the Lens of ‘The Digital Photography Company,’” which appeared in Organization Science, received a 2013 Emerald Group Publishing Limited Citation of Excellence Award.
  • Associate Professor of Operations Management Mei Xue won a National Natural Science Foundation of China Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Scholars grant for her project, “Customer Efficiency Management in Social Media,” with Professor Yongjie Zhang at Tianjin University, China.


  • Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the Carroll School’s Evening MBA Program number 32, the highest among part-time programs in the Boston area. More »


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