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October 2013
Dean Andy Boynton


Reading list


Books and articles that matter


Reading a spy thriller might not seem the most likely way to gain insight into a critical aspect of management. But there’s something to learn from British journalist Ben Macintyre’s 2007 book Agent Zigzag, now being made into a motion picture co-produced by Tom Hanks. The specific lesson is about strategy. More »

Deishin Lee

Top stories

  • Deishin Lee (pictured), who studies how to productively use waste created by manufacturing, joins the Operations Management Department faculty as an assistant professor. More »
  • Twenty-one students in Associate Professor John Gallaugher’s Technology and Economic Development course learned firsthand that “in a globalized world, all countries are relevant.” Boston College Magazine reports »
  • A new study by O'Connor Family Professor Michael Pratt published in the Academy of Management Journal looks at people in four professions—architects, nurse practitioners, litigation attorneys, and public accountants—whose clients don’t understand their work and therefore undervalue what they do. “Image discrepancies” can affect professionals’ job satisfaction and even their pay, Pratt told U.S. News & World Report. More »
  • The Lynch Leadership Academy launches its Aspiring Principal Program, a $1.5 million effort to prepare skilled leaders to fill the annual openings in Boston city schools. More »
Professor Mary Ann Glynn

Faculty research

  • It is possible for an organization to maintain its identity while adapting to change, Joseph F. Cotter Professor Mary Ann Glynn (pictured), told attendants at the Change and Sustainability Conference at Harvard Business School. More »
  • Labor Law Journal published Professor David P. Twomey’s “Licensed Practical Nurses: Protected ‘Employees’ or Statutory ‘Supervisors’ under the NLRA? The Impact of the 11th Circuit’s Lakeland Heath Care Decision.” He presented the paper at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business annual conference. More »
  • Subsidiaries that operate in multiple industries face constraints on their abilities to make decisions and compete aggressively, Assistant Professor Metin Sengul and a co-author found in a study published in Administrative Science Quarterly. More »

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Professor S. Adam Brasel

In the news

  • Advertisers and marketers are “fumbling” in their efforts to reach “Millennials,” Associate Professor S. Adam Brasel (pictured) told the Boston Globe. Young adult teens and twenty-somethings routinely skip and otherwise shut out ads. “Not only do they not necessarily trust traditional advertising anymore, they don’t even see traditional advertising anymore,” Brasel said.
  • Five years ago, a bursting real estate bubble and the collapse of the financial sector set off the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression. John L. Collins, S.J., Chair Philip Strahan told USA Today that another “Lehman moment” on Wall Street “is possible, but unlikely.”
  • The “Internet of Things”—physical objects that communicate online with one another—will affect our lives inside and outside the “smart home,” Professor Mary Cronin told Yahoo! News. Connected devices will save time, help solve inventory problems, make travel easier—and disrupt entire industries, she said.

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Associate Professor Sugata Roychowdhury

Awards and recognition

  • Associate Professor Sugata Roychowdhury (pictured) received the American Accounting Association’s 2013 Distinguished Contribution to Accounting Literature Award. More »
  • The Journal of Management gave its Scholarly Impact and Best Paper awards to Assistant Professor Spencer Harrison and co-authors for their paper “Identification in Organizations: An Examination of Four Fundamental Questions.”
  • Professor Arch G. Woodside received the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Academy of Culture, Tourism, and Hospitality Research. More »
  • Assistant Professor Sam Ransbotham won a Marketing Science Institute research grant for his project proposal “Going Mobile: The Characteristics and Influence of Mobile Word of Mouth” (with N. Lurie and H. Liu). More »
  • Assistant Professor Jonathan Reuter’s paper “How Do Retirees Value Life Annuities? Evidence from Public Employees” (with J. Chalmers) is a finalist for the 2013 TIAA-CREF Paul A. Samuelson Award.


  • Boston College retained its number 31 spot in the 2014 U.S. News & World Report national university rankings. The Carroll School ranked number 22 in the U.S. News best undergraduate business programs survey. More »

Alumni newsmakers

  • reports that 2013 M.B.A. graduates Meghan Zipin and Emily Fannon, co-founders of EnerLeap Inc., are developing a “super long-lasting battery.”
  • Jill Huggett, M.B.A. ’00, is featured in a U.S. News & World Report story on M.B.A. graduates who are finding well-paying jobs that allow work-life balance.