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December 2012
Dean Andy Boynton


Reading list


Books and articles that matter


Sometimes, the best approach to complex challenges and problems is to put competing arguments on the table and hammer out solutions that combine them. That’s the approach New York Times columnist David Brooks urged Democrats and Republicans in Washington to take as they seek solutions to the country’s fiscal crisis. It’s a strategy, as Brooks noted, that is impressively described in The Bargain, a paper by Jim Kessler, Jon Cowan, and Ed Gerwin, published by the centrist Washington think tank Third Way. More »

Mary Ellen Carter

Top stories

  • Executive pay limits that were imposed as part of the bank bailouts in the 2009 Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) seemed to discourage some banks from participating in the federal program, according to a Journal of Business Finance & Accounting report coauthored by Mary Ellen Carter. More »
  • How can teachers improve their students’ critical thinking skills? The Carroll School Teaching Excellence Committee, working with the University’s Instructional Design and e-Teaching Services, has produced a 15-minute video offering insights on how structured discussion, case studies, and debate can help students learn, generate strategies, and evaluate alternatives with independence and flexibility. More »
  • John Stratton, president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions, described some of the ways Verizon is responding to the exponential increase in communication networks’ power, processing speed, and storage capacity at the October 24 Chief Executives’ Club of Boston. Verizon is pursuing opportunities “to change the way businesses run, the way customers shop, and the way everyone lives, works, and plays,” Stratton told the roomfull of Boston corporate executives. More »
Jeffrey Pontiff

Faculty research

  • Headline writers had a ball with the findings in “Does Academic Research Destroy Stock Return Predictability?” coauthored by Jeffrey Pontiff (pictured), which appeared in Social Science Research Network. “Sharing is for chumps,” declared the Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones Marketplace headed its article “If you’ve got a system to beat the market, don’t tell anybody,” while the Chronicle of Higher Education summarized the study’s findings with “Academic research destroys stock values.” More »
  • In November, the Business Expert Press published Designing Service Processes to Unlock Value, by Joy Field. More »
  • At the Deutsche Bank’s First Annual Global Quantitative Strategy Conference, Pierluigi Balduzzi presented a paper titled “Survey Forecasts and the Time-varying Second Moments of Stock and Bond Returns.” Also at the conference, Ronnie Sadka presented “Liquidity Risk and Security Prices.” More »

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Edith Hotchkiss

In the news

  • Research shows that “a liquid secondary market for debt has tangible benefits for the bankruptcy process,” Edith Hotchkiss (pictured), associate professor of finance, told the American Bankruptcy Institute’s commission studying reforms of U.S. bankruptcy regulations, Magazine reported. More »
  • The Carroll School of Management has created a “powerhouse program designed to help students break into the startup scene,” reports in an article featuring nine successful startups launched with the help of Boston College’s growing entrepreneurship program. More »
  • Commenting in the New York Times on changes at Citi, Edward Kane, professor of finance, said that managers of large financial institutions are “currently exploiting taxpayers as a means to an end.” Kane suggested forcing large and implicitly guaranteed institutions like Citigroup to give taxpayers an equitable interest in their organizations. More »

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Awards and recognition

  • The Marketing Scientist Institute (MSI) has selected Linda Salisbury, associate professor of marketing, to be a Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar. The institute names some 25 scholars every two years who are “likely leaders of the next generation of marketing academics.” Salisbury and the other Young Scholars will present their research at an upcoming MSI conference.
  • The Australian Journal of Management has awarded its E. Yetton Prize to Professor of Accounting Susan Shu. She coauthored “Properties of Implied Cost Capital Using Analysts’ Forecasts.” The prize recognizes articles “of exceptional quality . . . likely to have a substantial impact in the field of management research.”
  • At its November 20 annual meeting, the Decision Sciences Institute named Joy Field, associate professor of operations management, as an Outstanding Associate Editor of Decision Sciences Journal.
  • The Journal of Legal Studies in Education has appointed Stephanie Greene, associate professor of business law, to be an articles editor. S. Adam Brasel, associate professor of marketing, has joined the Journal of Consumer Psychology’s editorial board.
  • Justin Feng, CSOM ’14, and Matthew Alonsonzana, A&S ’14, won the Eller Ethics Case Competition at the University of Arizona for their analysis of the legal, financial, and ethical implications of a case about hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

Program rankings

Bloomberg Businessweek's ranking of the Carroll School MBA program’s “intellectual capital” rose from 41st to 26th in the last two years. This measurement, adjusted for school size, is based on the number of faculty articles published in 20 top business journals, awarding extra points if a professor’s book was reviewed in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, or Bloomberg Businessweek. The MBA program’s overall rank, reflecting the intellectual capital rating as well as surveys of recruiters and students, rose three places, from 50th to 47th.

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