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In the news

October 2012

In the news

Forbes magazine reported on Professor of Finance Pierluigi Balduzzi and Assistant Professor of Finance Jonathan Reuter's study of target-date funds (TDFs) intended for 401(k) investors with the same retirement date (e.g., 2030). The two found that the TDFs offered by different mutual fund families exposed investors to different levels of risk and earned significantly different returns.

In his latest post for, Dean Andy Boynton shares an assessment tool for determining how much of an idea person one is.

In a article about the value of undergraduate degree programs, the Carroll School ranked sixth among “The 10 Best Business Schools For Your Salary.”

Research by the Center for Retirement Research made headlines in a number of national news outlets, including Forbes, Time, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times.

A study by the Center for Work & Family, “Then New Dad: Right at Home,” written by Brad Harrington, executive director of the center, Fred van Deusen, senior research associate, and Iyar Mazar, M.A. ’12, was featured in the Miami Herald, Time magazine, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, and the Daily Mail (UK), among other news outlets.

Jennifer Fraone, assistant director of the Center for Work & Family, discussed an Atlantic magazine cover story titled, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” on Channel 25, Boston, and was interviewed for an article about the strengths good parenting brings to management positions in

Numerous media outlets reported on Bayer AG Chairman Marijn Dekkers’ talk at the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston on September 19, including Dow Jones MarketWatch, Reuters, (via Dow Jones), the Boston Globe, and the Boston Business Journal.

BostInno interviewed Associate Professor of Information Systems John Gallaugher on a number of topics, including how start-ups can recruit Boston’s top students, why the MBA will never die, the costs of online education, and Boston College’s growing entrepreneurial program

The Columbia Daily Tribune reported on a series of studies by Assistant Professor of Marketing Henrik Hagtvedt (with V. Patrick) that examined how dieters’ use of the words “can’t” and “won’t” affected their weight-loss success rates.

Accenture Professor of Marketing Katherine (Kay) Lemon, editor of the Journal of Service Research, commented on a recently published journal paper, “On the Role of Empathy in Customer-employee Interactions,” on

Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance Richard McGowan, S.J., appeared on NPR’s Morning Edition about the economics behind the rapid expansion of gambling and casinos in America. He also discussed Springfield’s initiatives to cut down on casino proposals with the Boston Globe and how some casino gaming plans in Massachusetts have lost their luster with the Boston Herald.

In her latest piece for, Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences and Director of the Center for Retirement Research Alicia H. Munnell asks “Should ‘the 47%’ pay income taxes?” She spoke with the Boston Globe about a report concerning economic hardships currently facing Americans, and with Forbes about future retirees. She also reassessed her views of 401(k) plans and suggested three changes to Dow Jones MarketWatch.

Gergana Y. Nenkov, associate professor of marketing, and Jonathan Reuter, assistant professor of finance, coauthored a study discussing retirement fund options, that appeared in Dow Jones MarketWatch, the Retirement Income Journal, and the University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt Business.

Gregory Stoller, adjunct lecturer in operations management and director of the Asian International Management Experience Program and the International Consulting Project, discussed his work with graduate students in the areas of entrepreneurship and international business on the Internet-based radio talk show Radio Entrepreneurs.

Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs Warren Zola discussed the issues facing the NFL, notably the threat posed by concussion litigation, on CNBC, and spoke with Bloomberg about the possibility of uncovering more violations should Penn State’s football program be subject to further investigation in the wake of the Sandusky scandal. Zola has also been featured in NFL lockout articles published by the San Francisco Chronicle, Slate, and BusinessWeek. His latest article for The Huffington Post is titled “The Untenable Dichotomy in College Athletics.”