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Faculty research

October 2012

Faculty research

Professor of Finance Pierluigi Balduzzi presented “Economic Risk Premia in the Fixed Income Markets: The Intra-day Evidence” (coauthored by Fabio Moneta) at two events held at the Cass School of Business in London. He also gave a paper written with Jonathan Reuter, assistant professor of finance, at the European Finance Association Meeting, held at the University of Copenhagen Business School, and another paper, “Survey Forecasts and the Time-varying Second Moments of Stock and Bond Returns” (coauthored by Chunhua Lan), at the Northern Finance Association meeting in Niagara Falls, New York.

Professor of Finance Thomas J. Chemmanur organized the third Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation Conference, held in June in Boston in cooperation with the Review of Corporate Finance Studies and sponsored by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Society for Financial Studies.

Professor of Accounting and Ernst & Young Research Fellow Jeffrey R. Cohen presented “How Does Knowledge of Professional and Social Ties Between the CEO and the Audit Committee Affect Investors’ Judgments?” (coauthored by Lisa Milici Gaynor, Ganesh Krishnamoorthy, and Arnie Wright) at the International Symposium of Audit Research in Tokyo. He also gave a paper, “Will Women Lead the Way? Differences in Information Preferences for Investment Decisions” (coauthored by Lori Holder-Webb and Leda Nath), at the American Accounting Association’s annual conference in Washington, D.C. 

Organization Science published “Golfing Alone? Corporations, Elites, and Nonprofit Growth in 100 American Communities,” a study by Mary Ann Glynn, Joseph F. Cotter Professor of Organizational Studies and Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics director of research (with Christopher Marquis and Gerald F. Davis).

Professor of Operations Management Samuel Graves and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs Jeffrey Ringuest’s “Patient Decision Making: Exponential versus Hyperbolic Discounting” appears in the current issue of the journal Managerial and Decision Economics

A finalist in the Academy of Legal Studies in Business’s 2012 Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher Competition, Associate Professor of Business Law Stephanie Greene presented her paper “Protecting Trademarks in a Global Environment” in the Master Teacher Symposium of the organization’s annual conference in Kansas City.

The Journal of Consumer Research published “‘I Don’t’ versus ‘I Can’t’: When Empowered Refusal Motivates Goal-directed Behavior,” a study by Assistant Professor of Marketing Henrik Hagtvedt (with Vanessa M. Patrick).

Edith Hotchkiss, associate professor of finance, gave a paper titled “Private Equity and the Resolution of Financial Distress” (coauthored by Per Strömberg and David C. Smith) at the University of Chicago Law School’s Conference on Creditors and Corporate Governance. While there, she also presented “The Impact of Creditor Control on Corporate Bond Pricing and Liquidity” with Assistant Professor of Finance Oguzhan Karakas (coauthored by Peter Feldhutter).

The Academy of Management Annals 2012 includes “Vocabularies and Vocabulary Structure: A New Approach Linking Categories, Practices, and Institutions” by Candace Jones, associate professor of management and organization (with Jeffrey Loewenstein and William Ocasio).

Alicia H. Munnell, Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences and the director of the Center for Retirement Research, gave a paper titled “Public Plans and Short-term Employees” with coauthors Jean-Pierre Aubry, Josh Hurwitz, and Laura Quinby at Designing Pension Plans for the Twenty-First Century, a National Bureau of Economic Research conference on retirement benefits for state and local employees.

The Journal of Marketing Research published “Investing for Retirement: The Moderating Effect of Fund Assortment Size on the 1/N Heuristic” by Associate Professor of Marketing Gergana Nenkov and Assistant Professor of Finance Jonathan Reuter (with Maureen Morrin, J. Jeffrey Inman, and Susan M. Broniarczyk). Nenkov’s paper, “Embodiment in Judgment and Choice” (with Martin Reimann, Wilko Feye, Alan J. Malter, et al.), was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics.

Professor of Business Law Christine Neylon O’Brien and Associate Professor of Business Law Stephanie Greene presented their paper “Exceeding Authorized Access in the Workplace: Prosecuting Disloyal Conduct under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act” at the Academy of Legal Studies in Business 2012 Conference in Kansas City. The paper received three awards at the conference (see Awards and Recognition).

“When should I trust my gut? Linking domain expertise to intuitive decision-making effectiveness” by O'Connor Family Professor of Management and Organization Michael G. Pratt (with Erik Dane and Kevin W. Rockmann), appears in the current issue of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

The Journal of Financial Intermediation published Associate Professor of Finance Jun Qian’s “Financing firms in India” (with Franklin Allen, et al.). He also presented a study entitled “Improving Access to Banking: Evidence from Kenya” at the Summer Research Conference 2012 in Finance, held by the Centre for Analytical Finance at the Indian School of Business, and gave three papers at the 2012 China International Conference in Finance.

The Review of Financial Studies published “How Do Retirees Value Life Annuities? Evidence from Public Employees,” a paper by Jonathan Reuter, assistant professor of finance (with John Chalmers). He also presented two papers at the seventh annual conference of the Financial Intermediation Research Society in Minneapolis and gave a paper at Designing Pension Plans for the Twenty-first Century, a National Bureau of Economic Research conference on retirement benefits for state and local employees.

Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance Richard McGowan, S.J., presented “Internet Gambling: A Jackpot or a Lemon for the U.S. Federal Government?” at the European Association for the Studying of Gambling’s ninth European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues in Loutraki, Greece. 

Professor of Finance Ronnie Sadka participated in a panel discussion on risk at the 2012 Center for Accounting Research and Education-London Business School Conference, Firm, Industry and Macro Fundamentals, and Security Returns, in London.

“All Things Considered? The Role of Choice Set Formation in Diversification” by Associate Professor of Marketing Linda Court Salisbury was published in the Journal of Marketing Research (with Fred M. Feinberg). She also presented “Minimum Payment Warnings and Consumer Debt Repayment Decisions” at the 2012 Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making, hosted by the Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business.

Associate Professor of Accounting Billy Soo’s “Changes in Audit Market Competition and the Big N Premium” (with Elizabeth Carson, Roger Simnett, and Arnold M. Wright) appears in the current issue of Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory.

John L. Collins, S.J., Chair in Finance Philip E. Strahan presented “Financial Integration, Housing, and Economic Volatility” (with Elena Loutskina) at the 2012 Red Rock Finance Conference, held by the finance department at Brigham Young University, on the topic of “Post-crisis Finance: Developments in Macro-finance and Credit Markets” in Utah. Strahan was also appointed an associate editor of the Journal of Finance.

Professor of Business Law David Twomey’s “Unnecessary Burdens on Employers: Time for the EEOC to Improve Its Systemic Discrimination Initiative” was published in the summer 2012 Labor Law Journal.

Joseph L. Sweeney Chair in Accounting G. Peter Wilson was the featured speaker at the teaching, learning, and curriculum section breakfast and business meeting at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting and Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting in Washington, D.C. 




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