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Faculty research

March 2012

Faculty research

Professor of Finance Pierluigi Balduzzi presented a paper titled “Economic risk premia in the fixed income markets: The intra-day evidence” at the Sixth Annual Conference on Advances in the Analysis of Hedge Fund Strategies at Imperial College London in December and at the AFA (American Finance Association) 2012 Chicago Meetings in January.  

“Marginal memberships: Psychological effects of identity ambiguity on professionals who are demographically different from the majority,” a paper by Associate Professor of Management and Organization Judith A. Clair and doctoral candidate Beth K. Humberd ’13 (with Heather M. Caruso and Laura Morgan Roberts) was published in the February issue of Organizational Psychology Review.

The Academy of Management Journal Editorial Review Board voted Joseph F. Cotter Professor of Organizational Studies and Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics Director of Research Mary Ann Glynn's article “Cultural Entrepreneurship: Stories, Legitimacy, and the Acquisition of Resources” (with Mike Lounsbury), which was published in 2001 in Strategic Management Journal, one of the best introductions ever written in the management and organization studies field.

Adjunct Associate Professor of Finance Richard McGowan spoke at an NAIOP Massachusetts (the commercial real estate development association) panel titled “Casino Gambling Coming to the Commonwealth” in January.

In January, the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology published “Pre- versus postdecisional deliberation and goal commitment: The positive effects of defensiveness,” by Associate Professor of Marketing Gergana Nenkov (with Peter M. Gollwitzer).

Associate Professor of Finance Jun Qian presented “The impact of incentives and communication costs on information production: Evidence from bank lending” (with Phil Strahan and Zhishu Yang) at the Utah Winter Finance Conference in February. The paper was one of ten selected (from 307) to be on the program.

Sam Ransbotham’s “Are markets for vulnerabilities effective?” (with Sabyasachi Mitra and Jon Ramsey) is in the current issue of MIS Quarterly. He also presented a paper titled “Mobile marketing: The persuasive impact of real-time reviews” (with Nicholas Lurie) at the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative’s conference, “Marketing on the Move: Understanding the Impact of Mobile on Consumer Behavior,” in February. 

In January, Professor of Finance Ronnie Sadka had a paper published in the Bloomberg Risk newsletter titled “Measuring the liquidity risk of hedge funds.” He presented “Skin in the game versus skimming the game: Governance, share restrictions, and insider flows” (with Gideon Ozik) at the AFA 2012 Chicago Meetings and at the Fourth Annual Conference on Hedge Funds in Paris.

Assistant Professor of Management and Organization Metin Sengul’s article “Strategic delegation: A review, theoretical integration, and research agenda” (with Javier Gimeno and Jay Dial) appeared in the January issue of the Journal of Management




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