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Faculty research

December 2011

Pierluigi Balduzzi, professor of finance and coordinator of the doctoral program in finance, and Fabio Moneta presented their paper on “Economic Risk Premia in the Fixed Income Markets: The Intra-day Evidence,” at the Northern Finance Association Conference in Vancouver during September. 

Jean Bartunek, Robert A. and Evelyn J. Ferris Chair and professor of management and organization, and Boram Do, a doctoral student, published “The Sacralization of Christmas Commerce” in the November issue of Organization.

The Review of Finance published “Risk Attitudes Toward Small and Large Bets in the Presence of Background Risk” by David A. Chapman, associate professor of finance, and Valery Polkovnichenko.

Jeffrey Cohen, professor of accounting and Ernst & Young Research Fellow, and Kenneth B. Schwartz, associate professor of accounting, published “Client Engagement Risks and the Auditor Search Period” with Samer Khalil in the December issue of Accounting Horizons. Cohen also presented his paper “The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Investment, Assurance and Perceived Fairness on Investors’ Judgments,” with Helen Brown and Tina Zamora, at the Accounting Behavior and Organizations Annual Conference in Tacoma, Washington, in October.

Professor of Information Systems Mary Cronin took part in an October panel at the Center for Connected Health entitled “From Mobile to Ubiquitous: The Continuing Voyage of Consumer Health Tools.”

In November, Research on Aging published “The Relationship of Job and Elder Caregiving Involvement to Work-Caregiving Conflict and Work Costs” by Judith Gordon, professor of management, and Bess Rouse.

Associate Professor of Management and Organization Candace Jones was asked to be a judge for the finals of the 2011 Best Dissertation Proposal Competition of the INFORMS College on Organization Science in Charlotte, N.C. Jones also published “Rebels with a Cause: Formation, Contestation, and Expansion of the De Novo Category  ‘Modern Architecture’” with Massimo Maoret and Felipe G. Massa in the October issue of Organization Science.

Nadya Malenko, assistant professor of finance, published “Nonbinding Voting for Shareholder Proposals” in the October issue of The Journal of Finance, with co-author Doron Levit. 

Suffolk University Law Review published “The First Facebook Firing Case Under NLRA Section 7: Exploring the Limits of Labor Law Protection for Concerted Communication on Social Media,” by Christine O’Brien, professor of business law.

Frank J. Parker, professor of business law, took part in a panel discussion on the topic “Has the Seaport Arrived?” at a symposium on “New Trends in Boston” hosted by the Real Estate Council of Boston College in November.

Adjunct lecturer Margo E. K. Reder published “Board of Trustees v. Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.: Negotiating the Web of Competing Ownership Claims to Inventions Arising From Government-Funded Academic-Industry Collaboration,” in Business Law Review.

The November issue of the Journal of Accounting and Economics included “Liquidity Risk and Accounting Information,” a paper by Ronnie Sadka, professor of finance and Hillenbrand Distinguished Fellow.

Assistant Dean of Carroll School Graduate Programs Warren K. Zola published “Time for Transformative Change in Intercollegiate Athletics” in the Huffington Post.