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June 2011

In the news

The Boston Herald reported on the Carroll School’s most recent Boston College Citizen Seminar, which featured Mayor Tom Menino.

Dean Andy Boynton blogged for Forbes about lifelong learning and for CNBC on whittling down information overload.

S. Adam Brasel, associate professor of marketing, and James Gips, Egan Chair in Computer Science, have a new study on multitasking forthcoming in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. The study, highlighted by the Los Angeles Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Voice of America, shows participants who work on the computer while watching TV spend more time looking at the computer.

The Center for Work & Family surveyed nearly 1,000 fathers for its recently released study, “The New Dad: Caring, Committed and Conflicted,” which was picked up by Reuters, Fortune, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, among other media outlets.

Dow Jones News, the Boston Globe, and the Boston Herald reported on the May 13 gathering of the Chief Executives’ Club of Boston, which featured luncheon speaker Indra K. Nooyi, chairman and CEO of PepsiCo.

Center for Work and Family Assistant Director Jennifer Fraone discussed flex time and staying home with sick children on FoxNews Boston.

The New York Times reported on a study of public pension funds by the Center for Retirement Research. The Chicago Tribune cited the center’s study about the benefits of paying off a mortgage before retiring. And MSNBC wrote about the center’s research on the recession’s permanent toll on future retirees’ incomes.

James Gips, Egan Chair in Computer Science, spoke with the Boston Globe about Camera Mouse, a technology that allows people with severe disabilities to control a computer mouse with head movements, going viral (100,000 copies were downloaded last month). Camera Mouse is also featured in an article in BU Today.

Business News Daily and e! Science News reported on a study by Assistant Professor of Marketing Henrik Hagtvedt that was published in the Journal of Marketing. It found that efforts to artistically manipulate the typeface of a corporate logo can have a double-edged effect on consumer perceptions.

Professor of Finance Ed Kane talked with Bloomberg BusinessWeek about CitiGroup’s hedge fund returns as the Volcker Rule looms, and had two papers referenced in

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted Rev. Richard McGowan, associate professor of operations, information, and strategic management, in a story about percentages of lottery money going to Georgia. He also spoke with the Chicago Public Media news program “Eight Forty-Eight” about whether gambling always invigorates local economies.

Alicia H. Munnell, Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences and the director of Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, talked with the Wall Street Journal about higher tax rates and saving for 401(k)s. She also blogged for the New York Times about solving Social Security’s problems and for Reuters defined contribution plans.

Greg Stoller, adjunct lecturer in the operations and strategic management department, spoke with WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, about Massachusetts’s exports to Japan.

Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs Warren K. Zola writes in the Huffington Post about the challenges student-athletes face when evaluating whether or not they should enter the NBA draft and forgo remaining college eligibility.