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Awards and recognition

June 2011

Faculty research

Professor of Finance Thomas Chemmanur’s “A Theory of Equity Carve-outs and Negative Stub Values under Heterogeneous Beliefs” (with Onur Bayar and Mark H. Liu) is in the current (June) issue of the Journal of Financial Economics. He also gave a paper titled “The Exit Choices of Entrepreneurial Firms” (with Jie He, Shan He, and Debarshi Nandy) at the Duke/Kauffman Entrepreneurship Conference at Duke University in March.

Jeffrey Cohen, professor of accounting and Ernst & Young Research Fellow, presented two papers at the European Accounting Association Annual Congress in Rome in April: “The Influence of Ethical Conflict and Emotion on Auditors’ Inventory Judgments” (co-authored with Janne Chung and Gary Monroe) and “The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Investment, Assurance and Perceived Fairness on Investors’ Judgments” (co-authored with Helen Brown and Tina Zamora).

John Gallaugher, associate professor of information systems, spoke at Apple’s AcademiX Conference in April about using mobile and social media for research and teaching. He also participated in a panel titled “Beyond Cases: Innovations in Learning” and an IT Teaching Workshop, “Leadership in Teaching,” at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in May.

At the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association Conference in April at Bentley University, Associate Professor of Business Law Stephanie Greene presented a paper titled “Preemption Issues: FDA Labeling and Failure to Warn.”

Professor of Accounting Amy Hutton presented a paper titled “Detecting Earnings Management: A New Approach” (co-authored with Patricia M. Dechow, Jung Hoon Kim, and Richard G. Sloan) at the Journal of Accounting Research Conference in May in Chicago.

Candace Jones, associate professor of management and organization, has been elected division chair for the Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management. In March, she presented a paper, “Innovation and Institutions: The Case of the Unity Church,” at the New Horizons in Innovation Management Conference at the University of Brighton’s Centre for Research in Innovation Management.

Professor of Business Law Christine N. O’Brien presented a paper titled “The First Facebook Firing Case Under NLRA Section 7: Exploring the Limits of Labor Law Protection for Concerted Communication on Social Media” at the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association Conference in April at Bentley University.

Peter Olivieri, associate professor of information systems, retired this year. During his 42-year tenure at Boston College, he co-invented the EaglesEyes software and founded and directed the Interactive Media Lab. More »

Michael Pratt, professor of management and organization, gave talks at Yale University’s May Meaning Meeting on “What Makes Work Worth Doing” (with Doug Lepisto) and at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, titled “No Laughing Matter: Toward a Model of Construed Professional Image Management.”

The current issue of the American Economic Review includes “Credit Ratings and the Evolution of the Mortgage-backed Securities Market,” a paper authored by Jun Qian, associate professor of finance, and Philip E. Strahan, John L. Collins, S.J., Chair in Finance (with Jack He).

Assistant Professor of Finance Jonathan Reuter presented “What is the Impact of Financial Advisors on Retirement Portfolio Choice and Outcomes?” (a paper he co-authored with John Chalmers) at the Society for Financial Studies Finance Cavalcade in May in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Associate Professor of Finance Ronnie Sadka had two papers published in the latest issues of the Financial Analysts Journal: “Are you Trading Predictably?” (with Steven L. Heston, Robert A. Korajczyk, and Lewis D. Thorson) and “Liquidity Level or Liquidity Risk? Evidence from the Financial Crisis” (with Xiaoxia Lou).

David P. Twomey, professor of business law, presented “Employee Retaliation Claims under the Supreme Court’s Burlington, Crawford, and Thompson Decisions: Important Implications for Employers” at the North Atlantic Regional Business Law Association Conference in April at Bentley University.