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October 2010

In the news

Bloomberg News, Reuters, the Boston Business Journal, and other media outlets reported on the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club of Boston event featuring Cisco Systems Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer John Chambers.

A blog on the San Francisco Chronicle’s included an interview with Sophia Monroe ’11, executive director of the Carroll School’s Boston College Venture Competition and cited a Center for Corporate Citizenship report that profiles corporate citizenship leaders.

Professor of Information Systems Mary Cronin’s most recent Smart Strategies column on discussed the automotive winners of the X-Prize and smart auto adoption realities.

New research by the Center for Retirement Research that says Americans are $6 trillion short for retirement was picked up by CNBC. Another study showing middle-age adults make fewer financial mistakes than younger or older people was highlighted by U.S. News & World Report, and CRR statistics on private pensions and Americans’ retirement readiness were cited in an op-ed published by the Los Angeles Times.

Minnesota Public Radio’s “State of the Arts” cited the faces of apostles that adorn the exterior of Fulton Hall as an example of architecture that “transforms buildings from simple vessels into reflections on who we are and why we’re here.”

Associate Professor of Information Systems John Gallaugher spoke with BusinessWeek about the value in business schools teaching social media. His online textbook was also cited in a Boston Globe article about the rising prices of textbooks.

Professor of Accounting Amy Hutton commented to Reuters on Wall St. analysts that touted BP during the oil spill crisis.

Professor of Finance Edward J. Kane was quoted by Bloomberg News on the need for the Federal Reserve to define and enforce new banking regulations, and by ABC News about how individuals will find creative ways to work within the regulations. He also was critical on of the FDIC’s decision to raise the federal deposit insurance limit.

Assistant Professor of Information Systems Gerald C. (Jerry) Kane talked about the importance of managing wikis on

Alan Marcus’s appointment to the recently established Mario J. Gabelli Endowed Professorship was covered by the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe, among others. Additionally, his study on retail sentiment with Hassan Tehranian, Griffith Family Millennium Chair and chairperson of the finance department (and with Roger M. Edelman) was cited by the Financial Post.

Rev. Richard McGowan, associate professor of operations, information, and strategic management and an expert on the gambling industry, weighed in on the recent Massachusetts casino dispute on New England Cable News and in CommonWealth Magazine, as well as in other media outlets. He also spoke with the New York Times about the horse racing industry.

Alicia H. Munnell, Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences and the director of Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, told CNN that the answer to longer life expectancy and a contracting retirement system is to stay in the workforce longer. She also talked with the Wall Street Journal and USA Today about the economy standing in the way of Americans doing so due to diminishing work prospects, and with Bloomberg about seniors competing with teenagers for work for the first time since 1948. and report on new research from Assistant Professor of Information Systems Sam Ransbotham suggesting that attackers exploit open-source software flaws faster and more effectively than vulnerabilities in closed-source software.

Associate Professor of Marketing Kathleen Seiders commented in the Boston Globe on an uptick in consumer complaints. She also spoke on WBUR’s “Morning Edition” about the New England region’s retail economy and retailers’ optimism for the coming season. reported on a study by Associate Professor of Finance Ronnie Sadka (with Gideon Ozik) revealing that hedge funds that receive media attention subsequently underperform.

Sandra Waddock, Galligan Chair in Strategic and Operations Management, commented in the Boston Herald on a poll of Bostonians commissioned by the developer of two controversial towers on the city’s waterfront. reported on the 2010 Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award G. Peter Wilson, Joseph L. Sweeney Chair in Accounting, received from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.