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High marks


Public Accounting Report’s newest rankings of accounting programs in the United States (pdf) place the Carroll School undergraduate program at number 24, and the graduate program at 25, based on faculty size.

An SEC ruling (pdf) requiring companies to disclose certain fees paid to compensation consultants cited research by Associate Professor of Accounting Mary Ellen Carter. The research is described in “The Incentives of Compensation Consultants and CEO Pay” (with Brian D. Cadman and Stephen A. Hillegeist), which is forthcoming in the Journal of Accounting and Economics. Additionally, Carter’s “Changes in bonus contracts in the post-Sarbanes-Oxley era” (with Luann J. Lynch and Sarah Zechman) was published in the December 2009 Review of Accounting Studies.

Professor of Accounting and Ernst & Young Research Fellow Jeffrey Cohen served on three panels at the American Accounting Association’s 2010 Auditing Section Mid-Year Conference in San Diego in January.

Associate Professor of Marketing Victoria L. Crittenden has been named co-editor of the Academy of Marketing Science’s new theory journal, the AMS Review, which recently issued its first call for papers “that offer insights and perspectives extending knowledge and understanding of marketing-related phenomena.”

The new Handbook of Leadership Theory and Practice (Harvard Business School Press, 2010) includes a chapter by Mary Ann Glynn, Joseph F. Cotter Professor of Organizational Studies, titled “Leadership through an Organization Behavior Lens: A Look at the Last Half-Century of Research” (with Carroll School doctoral candidate Rich DeJordy).

Associate Professor of Business Law Stephanie Greene’s “Justice Sotomayor on the Supreme Court: A Boon for Business?” (with David Baumer, Gideon Mark, Dana M. Muir, and Robert E. Thomas) was printed in the Fall 2009 issue of the Virginia Law & Business Review.

Professor of Finance Edward J. Kane’s "The Importance of Monitoring and Mitigating the Safety-Net Consequences of Regulation-Induced Innovation” won the 2010 Warren Samuels Prize for best paper from the Association for Social Economics, which was presented at the Allied Social Science Association's January conference in Atlanta.

Accenture Professor Kay Lemon's article "Return on Marketing: Using Customer Equity to Focus Marketing Strategy" (with Roland T. Rust and Valarie A. Zeithaml), which appeared in the January 2004 issue of Journal of Marketing, won the 2009 Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award for long-term contributions to the discipline of marketing. The award is administered through the American Marketing Association Foundation (AMA), and was presented at the AMA’s 2010 Winter Marketing Educators’ Conference in New Orleans. 

The January 2010 issue of the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education included an article by Larry Meile, adjunct associate professor, operations and strategic management department, titled “Project Flip: A Project Management Case/Exercise Experience” (with Janelle Heineke, Linda Boardman Liu, and Jane Davies). The article describes the interactive in-class exercise (loosely based on the TLC television series “Flip that House”) created by Meile and his coauthors to help students understand the impact of uncertainty on the project management planning and management process, which won first place in the 2008 Decision Sciences Institute Instructional Innovation Award competition.

The 2009-2010 Oregon Law Review included “Employees on Guard: Employer Policies Restrict NLRA-Protected Concerted Activities on E-mail” by Professor of Business Law Christine Neylon O'Brien.

The January 2010 issue of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice published Professor of Organizational Studies Michael Pratt’s “Dominant Logic and Entrepreneurial Firms’ Performance in a Transition Economy” (with Tomasz Obloj and Krzysztof Obloj).

Associate Professor of Finance Jun Qian was awarded a grant through the National Bureau of Economic Research’s Africa Project, which is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for his proposal “Resolving the African Financial Development Gap” (with Franklin Allen, Lemma W. Senbet, and Robert J. Cull). Qian’s project is one of 40 research projects funded that aim to explore critical questions in the field of African development.

Ronnie Sadka, associate professor of finance, recently had three articles published: “Mispricing and Costly Arbitrage” (with Anna Scherbina) in the First Quarter 2010 Journal of Investment Management, “Has the US Stock Market Become More Vulnerable over Time?” (with Avraham Kamara and Xiaoxia Lou) in the January/February 2010 Financial Analysts Journal, and “Aggregate Earnings and Asset Prices” (with Ray Ball and Gil Sadka) in the December 2009 Journal of Accounting Research. In February, he spoke at New York University’s second annual Algorithmic Trading Conference: Dynamic Portfolios, Optimal Execution, and Risk.

The December 2009 Journal of International Business Studies published Assistant Professor, Operations and Strategic Management, Metin Sengul’s “Information Technology and Transnational Integration: Theory and Evidence on the Evolution of the Modern Multinational Enterprise” (with Subramanian Rangan).


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