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High marks


The November 2009 issue of Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory published “Resolving Disputed Financial Reporting Issues: Effects of Auditor Negotiation Experience and Engagement Risk on Negotiation Process and Outcome” by Assistant Professor of Accounting Helen Brown (with Karla Johnstone).

Associate Professor of Accounting Mary Ellen Carter’s “Explicit Relative Performance Evaluation in Performance-Vested Equity Grants” (with C. Ittner and S. Zechman) was printed in the September 2009 issue of the Review of Accounting Studies.

The U.S. Social Security Administration awarded the Center for Retirement Research $2.8 million in funding to support research and dissemination on retirement income issues in FY 2010. 
The Southern Finance Association gave the 2009 award for the best paper in corporate finance to Professor of Finance Thomas J. Chemmanur for “IPO Waves, Product Market Competition, and the Going Public Decision: Theory and Evidence” (with Jie He also of Boston College). Articles by Chemmanur appeared in the October 2009 issue of the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and the December 2009 issues of the Journal of Financial Economics and the Journal of Corporate Finance.

Professor of Accounting and Ernst & Young Research Fellow Jeffrey Cohen was inducted into the American Accounting Association’s Northeast Region Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the Northeast Region over the years.

Research in Organizational Behavior published “Organizational sacralization and sacrilege” by Spencer H. Harrison (with Blake E. Ashforth and Kevin G. Corley), assistant professor of management in the organization studies department, in its September 2009 issue.

Edward J. Kane, James F. Cleary Chair in Finance, contributed articles to the recent issues of the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance as well as the Journal of Financial Services Research and the chapter “Regulation and Supervision: An Ethical Perspective” in the Oxford Handbook of Banking, due out this month from Oxford University Press. Kane also spoke at conferences of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and Boston, and at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The National Science Foundation awarded Assistant Professor of Information Systems Gerald C. Kane a Career Award to conduct research that studies how people use social media tools to work together more effectively to advance individual, group, organizational, and community objectives.

Katherine (Kay) Lemon, professor of marketing, and Mary Ann Glynn, professor of organization studies and research director of the Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics, were inaugurated as endowed chair holders of the Accenture Professorship and the Joseph F. Cotter Professorship, respectively.

The Journal of Wine Economics published “Does Advertising Bias Product Reviews? Testing for Biased Wine Ratings” by Assistant Professor of Finance Jonathan Reuter in its Fall 2009 issue. Additionally, Reuter’s research project “The Impact of Financial Advice on Retirement Planning and Outcomes” (with John Chalmers) received a Social Security Administration Grant, administered by the NBER Retirement Research Center, for the 2009-2010 academic year. 
The Journal of Financial Economics recently published “Predictability and the earnings-returns relation” by Associate Professor of Finance Ronnie Sadka (with Gil Sadka). Sadka also won the 2008 INQUIRE Europe Third Prize.