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second-year MBA students

Visa, Inc., visit


Second-year MBA students Peter Tily, David Turnquist, Maguire Dalporto, and Jack McManus (left to right) were surprised when Joseph Saunders, the chief executive officer of Visa, Inc., not only responded to the report about his company they sent him two months earlier, but also invited them to continue the discussion with one of his top executives.

The report is the final project in Associate Professor of Operations and Strategic Management Hassell McClellan’s course "Managing in a Changing World." McClellan asks students to write about a firm undergoing change and, to “foster interaction between students and the corporate community,” share their project with the firm’s top executive (students provide him an Express Mail receipt as proof).

While McClellan told the class that students sometimes hear from executives, the group was not optimistic. The recent credit markets collapse—their reason for choosing Visa—did not affect the company as they anticipated. The group instead explored how the company could grow by using new technologies and entering new markets.

In his letter, Saunders commented on the group's suggestions and conclusions, and asked if the students were interested in meeting with Niki Manby, Visa’s head of global corporate strategy. With support from the Carroll School, Dalporto, McManus, and Turnquist traveled to the company’s New York City sales office. (Tily had started a new job and was unable to make the trip.)

In the more than two hours that Manby spent with the students, she showed them Saunders’s notes, expressed her high opinion of their work, and talked with them about topics ranging from security issues to touchless technology (the user waves a credit card in front of a sensor to complete a transaction).

Dalporto, who organized the trip to New York City, was overwhelmed by Manby’s generosity and pleased that the group made the connection on behalf of the Carroll School: “Not only is it good exposure for the MBA program, but it also adds two more people to the list of high-level individuals who are interested in Boston College.”