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In the news

  • Associate Professor of Accounting Mary Ellen Carter is quoted in the Boston Business Journal regarding the Porsche sale between Bank of America executives. Additionally, she was consulted by Compliance Week about peer group selection of corporate executives.
  • The Center for Corporate Citizenship’s (CCC) first annual film competition was cited by Corporate Social Responsibility Wire. The Emirates News Agency reported that the organization Corporate Social Responsibility Middle East and North Africa has called for setting up a branch of the CCC in the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, the director of the Center’s Institute for Responsible Investment, David Wood, spoke with the Associated Press about green investing.
  • Reports by the Center for Retirement Research (CRR) were cited by The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Bloomberg News, and, among other media outlets.
  • The Chief Executives’ Club of Boston’s event featuring Bank of America’s Kenneth Lewis was covered by numerous media outlets including the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Dow Jones MarketWatch. Reuters also reported on the Club's event featuring Chevron's David J. O'Reilly.
  • BU Today reported on the Camera Mouse, a collaboration between James Gips, Jack and Pamela Egan Chair in Computer Science, and Margrit Betke, associate professor of computer science at Boston University.
  • Edith Hotchkiss, associate professor of finance, talked about “vulture” investors with
  • The New York Times consulted Edward J. Kane, James F. Cleary Chair in Finance, about the securities market. The article was reproduced in the paper’s blog, “Deal Book.” Kane also spoke with The Wall Street Journal about the stress tests on U.S. banks as a possible turning point in the economy, and with Reuters about the government’s crackdown on the over-the-counter derivative market.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting Elizabeth Keating helped USA Today review data on audits for a recent article.
  • The Boston Herald quoted Associate Professor of Operations, Information, and Strategic Management Richard McGowan, S.J., on the economy’s effect on workplace NCAA March Madness pools. He also talked to about gambling and the Obama administration’s stimulus plan; with about states potentially legalizing sports pool betting; and with KCBS Radio in San Francisco about the decline in California lottery ticket sales.
  • Professor of Finance Alan Marcus commented on flexible strategies for hedge funds in the New York Times.
  • Alicia Munnell, Peter F. Drucker Professor of Management Sciences and the director of Boston College's Center for Retirement Research, was recently interviewed on CBS Evening News and quoted by theThe Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and Forbes. She also blogged for the New York Times and wrote an opinion piece for CNN.
  • Jun Qian, associate professor of finance, spoke with the International Business Times about nationalizing struggling banks.
  • CRR Associate Director Steven Sass commented in the Boston Globe about the competition between generations for jobs as older Americans defer retirement.
  • The NonProfit Times quoted Center on Wealth and Philanthropy Director Paul Schervish on a drop in cause-related sales.
  • Gerald Smith, associate professor of marketing, spoke to the Boston Globe about the ripple effect of Circuit City’s closing.
  • Francis Vitagliano, director of retirement education and a visiting scholar at the Center for Retirement Research, talked with the Associated Press about Madoff investors’ retirement portfolios in a story that was picked up by Yahoo Finance.
  • Sandra Waddock, Galligan Chair in Strategic and Operations Management, was interviewed about women business leaders by Boston’s WBZ-TV News.
  • CRR Research Economist Anthony Webb discussed tax strategies related to annuities for an Associated Press story, which was picked up by the Herald Tribune.
  • The Boston Globe promoted the Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics lecture featuring Paul Rusesabagina, the Rwandan hotel official who in 1994 sheltered refugees in his hotel complex rather than fleeing that country’s civil war.
  • Professor of Marketing Arch Woodside spoke with the Associated Press about the overall decrease in summer travel, which was picked up by USA Today and, and reported on in the Miami Herald.
  • Assistant Dean Warren Zola talked with Business Week about the different jobs Master in Finance graduates and Master of Business Administration graduates secure.