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High finance

David Chapman is associate editor of the Journal of Finance, the world's third most frequently cited economic journal, with the fourth highest "impact factor" (as measured by Thompson Scientific). Published by the American Finance Association, the Journal of Finance features "leading research across all the major fields." Chapman, an associate professor of finance who previously taught at the University of Texas and the University of Rochester, values his editorial role, which he has held since 2000, because it enables him to see "early versions of research from a broad set of scholars."

He receives a manuscript to review almost every week. "My job is to read the article and make an initial overall judgment—appropriate or inappropriate, high quality, needs work, terrible paper?" He explains, "Almost always I will recommend two or three referees to Campbell Harvey [editor of the Journal of Finance] to provide a formal review of the paper." A few times each year, in cases where the job of judging presents a professional conflict for Harvey, Chapman will act as an article's managing editor, guiding the author in revisions and, ultimately, deciding whether or not to publish the article in the Journal. Manuscript submissions have increased dramatically in recent years. "There are a lot more research scholars in this country and around the world," Chapman observes.

Chapman's interests are focused in the area of estimation and testing of dynamic asset pricing models in both equity and fixed income markets. In addition to published articles in the Journal of Finance, his work has appeared in Econometrica, the Journal of Financial Economics, the Review of Financial Studies, the Journal of Monetary Economics, the Review of Economic Dynamics, Financial Analysts Journal, Economics Letters. He has served as a referee for some twenty publications and organizations, including the National Science Foundation and the European Finance Review.