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High marks

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Below is a sampling of distinctions from 2006-07.

  • U.S. News & World Report rated the Boston College Carroll School of Management #13 in Finance and #23 in Accounting (first-time ranking) in its "Undergraduate Business Specialties" category.
  • Journal of Finance published Assistant Professor Darren Kisgen's "Credit Ratings and Capital Structure."
  • Journal of Finance accepted Associate Professor Jeffrey Pontiff's "Shares Issuance and Cross-Sectional Returns" (with Artemiza Woodgate).
  • Academy of Management Review accepted Assistant Professor Tieying Yu's "Firm-specific Shocks, Spillovers, and Industry Performance," (with R.H. Lester and M. Sengul).
  • Academy of Management Journal published Assistant Professor Tieying Yu's "Interactions between Multinational Enterprises in Host Countries: A Competitive Dynamics Perspective" (with A.A. Cannella).
  • Decision Sciences Journal published Associate Professor Robert Fichman's "IS Project Continuation in Escalation Situations: A Real Options Model" (with A. Tiwana and M. Keil). The submission won Best Paper Award, 2006.
  • Management Science published Assistant Professor Jiri Chod's "Strategic Investments, Trading and Pricing under Forecast Updating" (with N. Rudi).
  • Journal of Operations Management accepted Associate Professor Joy Field's "Drivers of E-Commerce Quality and Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of an Online Quality Rating Site" (with G.R. Heim).
  • Organization Studies published Professor Mary Ann Glynn's "Making Sense with Institutions: Context, Thought and Action in Karl Weick's Theory" (with K. Weber).
  • Organization Studies published Professor Jean Bartunek's "The Christmas Gift: A Story of Dialectics."
  • Journal of Marketing accepted Associate Professor Katherine Lemon's "Expanding Business-to-Business Customer Relationships: Modeling the Customer Upgrade Decision" (with Ruth N. and P.C. Verhoef).
  • Organization Science accepted Assistant Professor Jerry Kane's "Information Technology and Organizational Learning: An Investigation of Exploitation and Exploration Processes" (with Maryam Alavi).
  • Italian Accademia Nazionale Dei Lincei's 2007 International INA Prize for Insurance Sciences was awarded to professor and director of the Center for Retirement Research Alicia Munnell. The Accademia was founded in 1603 and included Galileo among its early members.