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Dean Andy Boynton

Reading List

Books and articles that matter

By Dean Andy Boynton

In The University: An Owner’s Manual (W. W. Norton, 1991), Henry Rosovsky, former dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, provides an insightful and humorous view of America’s colleges and universities. He asks a number of questions important to anyone with a stake in the university system, including: “Why would an undergraduate want a research-oriented teacher?” Read more »

Discerning good

Discerning GoodPortico class

The Carroll School is adapting the nearly 500 year-old Jesuit spiritual tradition of “discernment” to orient freshmen to decision making in business. “Portico,” a three-credit course for first-year undergraduates, uses discernment—the practice of being attentive, reflective, and then making a choice—to teach contemporary issues of ethics, leadership, and globalization. Read more »

Freshmen faculty

Freshman FacultyMary Ellen Carter

This fall the Carroll School welcomed seven new faculty members in accounting, finance (two), information systems, organizational studies, and operations and strategic management (two). These scholars and teachers, including Mary Ellen Carter (pictured), are doing innovative research and quickly making names for themselves in their respective fields. Meet the faculty »

Crisis counselor

Crisis counselorGerald Kane

Edward J. Kane is the media’s go-to man this fall. Barron's, Bloomberg, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Boston Globe have contacted the James F. Cleary Chair in Finance and expert on financial crisis management for his take on aspects of the economic crisis, among other topics.
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High marks

High Marks
  • Katherine (Kay) Lemon wins the 2008 Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award from the Society for Marketing Advances.
  • Larry Meile wins the 2008 Decision Sciences Institute Instructional Innovation Award.
  • Sandra Waddock named Galligan Chair in Strategic and Operations Management.
  • Philip Strahan named John L. Collins, S.J., Chair in Finance.
  • Center for Retirement Research receives a record $2.9 million in new funding from the U.S. Social Security Administration.
  • Chief Executives' Club of Boston speakers to be televised by New England Cable News.


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In the news

In the news

Andy Boynton, S. Adam Brasel, Mary Ellen Carter, John Gallaugher, James Gips, Elizabeth Keating, Richard W. Kopcke, Richard McGowan, Peter Minihane, Kathleen Seiders, Philip Strahan, Sandra Waddock, and G. Peter Wilson.

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Boston College CEO club

A golden age of mobility

A golden age of mobility

Olli-Pekka KallasvuoPresident and CEO of Nokia Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo talked about the future of mobile technology at the Boston CEO Club on October 30. View video »

Managers studio

The greening of American business

The greening of American business

Robert KaganRobert A. Kagan, UC Berkeley professor of political science, discussed the factors that make environmental regulation successful in the United States at the Carroll School on October 23. View video »


January 21

January 21

Mike White, CEO and Vice Chairman of PepsiCo International, will speak at the Manager’s Studio.