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Study Abroad

women's and gender studies program

The Women’s and Gender Studies interdisciplinary minor provides students with a plethora of opportunities to study issues pertaining to women and gender from a feminist perspective in universities throughout the world. Our minors have the opportunity to take elective courses on topics that would not be available to them at Boston College especially from a cross-cultural and trans-national feminist perspective. Study abroad courses enrich and enhance the overall liberal arts experience of a Boston College student.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program wholeheartedly joins and endorses the Office of International Programs in encouraging our minors to spend at least one semester studying abroad. If you would like a course taken overseas to count toward your Women's and Gender Studies minor, please contact our office at with a copy of the syllabus. Our Director will review the course content to determine if it can fulfill one of your Women’s and Gender Studies elective requirements.

For more information regarding International Programs at Boston College, please see their website at: Office of International Programs.


Upcoming Opportunities

Mexican Immersion Program: Women and Social Change

Cuernavaca, Mexico
January 8-21, 2011

Learn about Mexican culture, politics, and economics through the lens of women's experiences and struggles for social justice. Study how women from various backgrounds have been affected by the neoliberal model of globalization and the kinds of mobilizations they have initiated or participated in. Establish and strengthen links between women of different countries (whose lives in an increasingly globalized world are more interrelated than ever) by sharing our respective struggles for justice and equality.

For more information, please visit CETLALIC Mexican Immersion Program.

Gender and Development in Latin America

Managua, Nicaragua
June 2011

This four-week, three-credit class places a special emphasis on gender and acquaints students with the diverse voices of Latin Americans concerned with economic and social development. Course links service-immersion experiences to the intellectual relationships through the exploration of ideas and meetings with locals. Course taught by Professor Marina McCoy, Department of Philosophy, and counts as a Philosophy and Women's and Gender Studies elective.

For more information, please email

photo of flier for Gender and Development in Latin America