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Affiliated Faculty

women's and gender studies program

Advisory Board 2013-2015

Caroline Bicks, English

Lisa Cuklanz, Communications

Susan Michalczyk, A & S Honors Program

Judith Wilt, Professor Emeritus, English

Faculty from many academic departments within the College of Arts and Sciences are associated with the Women's and Gender Studies Program. These faculty teach courses in the Program and in many cases are doing research related to gender studies.

Allison Adair, English

Sarah Beckjord, Romance Language and Literatures

Mariana Berzins McCoy, Philosophy

Caroline Bicks, English

Amy Boesky, English

Lisa Cahill, Theology

Catherine Cornille, Theology

Lisa Cuklanz, Communications

Natana Delong-Bas, Theology

Judith Dempewolff, Psychology

Rhonda Frederick, African and African Diaspora

Rachel Freudenburg, German Studies

Sharlene Hesse-Biber, Sociology,
Director of Women's and Gender Studies Program

Mary Ann Hinsdale, Theology

Lynda Lytle Holmstrom, Sociology

Brett Ingram, Communication

Regine Michelle Jean-Charles, Romance Languages and Literatures

Marilynn Johnson, History

James Keenan, Theology

Kyoung-yim Kim, Sociology

Beth Kowaleski-Wallace, English

Deborah Levenson, History

Robin Lydenberg, English

Cynthia Lyerly, History

Suzanne Matson, English

Maia McAleavey, English

H. John McDargh, Theology

C. Shawn McGuffey, Sociology

Karen Miller, History

Arissa Oh, History

Stephen Pfohl, Sociology

Andrew Prevot, Theology

Virginia Reinburg, History

Elizabeth Rhodes, Romance Languages and Literatures

Kelly Rossetto, Communication

Natasha Sarkisian, Sociology

Kay Schlozman, Political Science

Kalpana Rahita Seshadri, English

Cynthia Simmons, Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures

Eve Spangler, Sociology

Robert Stanton, English

Martin Summers, History

Meghan Sweeney, Theology

Wan Sonya Tang, Romance Languages and Literatures

Laura Tanner, English

Amy Tishelman, Psychology

Judith Wilt, English

Cynthia Young, English