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College of Arts and Sciences

Honors Program

theology department

The Theology department sponsors an Honors Program for outstanding junior and senior majors. The purpose of a Departmental Honors Program is to acknowledge special achievement in our academically most talented majors, to encourage greater dedication to theological scholarship, and to provide concrete means by which it can be fostered.

Honors students are nominated to the program by the faculty. They can be invited any time after freshman year, and optimally before junior year, based on performance in theology courses and overall GPA.

Requirements for Graduation With Departmental Honors

  • Completion of at least one majors seminar, which will involve students in specialized study within one of the areas of our field (e.g., systematics, comparative, ethics, bible, etc.) and which will enable them to develop the skills of research and writing necessary for writing the senior thesis. The majors seminar is considered an elective for the theology major. Only Honors students may take the Majors Seminar (i.e., it is by departmental permission only).
  • Completion of at least four Level III courses (or the equivalent, e.g., a graduate course by permission of the instructor).
  • Completion of a Senior Honors Thesis under the direction of a designated faculty member. Students writing the Honors Thesis will be given three credits per semester in the fall and spring of their senior year. These six credits will contribute to the 30 required to obtain the major in theology. Theses will be judged by a panel of theology faculty members in April, and the best thesis will be eligible for the Tully Award.
  • The Honors Program awards three levels of honors, based on performance on the thesis, quality of work in the majors seminar and other advanced courses, and achievement in overall record at Boston College. Students who choose not to write a thesis but have demonstrated excellence as a major, and especially in the majors seminar, are eligible for the lowest level of Departmental Honors. Students who complete all the requirements listed above are given High Honors, and those few who do so with exceptional distinction can be awarded Highest Honors.