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Theology Major Requirements

theology department

The major curriculum in Theology incorporates both structure and flexibility. Majors take a combination of essential, required courses and electives from within and outside the Department of Theology. Programs are designed in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The ordinary requirements are 30 credits, distributed as follows.

Six credits of one of the following year-long Core sequences:

  • THEO1002-1002 Biblical Heritage I and II
    Students majoring in theology are advised that one section of Biblical Heritage is designated for “Theology Majors” only. This is an enriched section intended to afford a more extensive preparation in the study of the Bible. Majors opting to fulfill this core requirement though Biblical Heritage are encouraged to register for the enriched section.


  • THEO1161-1162 Religious Quest I and II

Six credits of one of the following year-long Core sequences:

  • THEO1016-1017 Introduction to Christian Theology I and II
  • THEO1023-1024 Exploring Catholicism: Tradition and Transformation I and II
  • THEO1088-1089 PULSE
  • THEO1090-1091 Perspectives in Western Culture I and II
  • HONR1101-1104 Honors Program (only for students in the Honors Program)

Note: In order to fulfill Core requirements both semesters of the same Core sequence must be taken.

Fifteen elective credits chosen, in consultation with the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies. At least nine credits of these credits are to be from above the Core level and only one course may be level one. In some cases the Director may also approve one or two electives from outside the Theology Department that will count as Theology credits. A unifying factor such as an overarching theme, doctrine, or cross-disciplinary interest will guide the choice of electives.

Three credits THEO3330 Majors Seminar, ordinarily taken in the junior year, is designed to help majors synthesize course work by focusing on key themes, questions, and areas for further theological inquiry. This course is offered each semester.

Majors are encouraged to work with other departments in cross-disciplinary study. Students in the Lynch School of Education can also major in Theology. Theology majors can concentrate in education in the Lynch School of Education.

The Department's membership in the Boston Theological Institute (BTI) allows advanced Theology majors to cross-register into some 700 courses taught by 150 faculty members at eight BTI schools. Students thus have access to the resources of one of the world's great centers of theological study.