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Core Program in Theology

theology department

The core requirement in theology is six credit hours and may be fulfilled by either of the following options:

Two-Semester Sequence

Theology core courses are two-semester sequences in which students must first take part I and then part II of the same core course (preferably with the same professor in the same academic year) to fulfill the requirement and receive core credit.

  • THEO1001-1002 Biblical Heritage I and II
  • THEO1016-1017 Introduction to Christian Theology I and II
  • THEO1023-024 Introduction to Catholicism I and II
  • THEO1161-1162 The Religious Quest I and II

Religious Quest courses present Christianity and at least one other world religious tradition. Students are strongly encouraged to take both semesters of the same Religious Quest class. If circumstances require switching sections, students need permission of the instructor of the spring term course and may be asked to do additional background reading and writing for the religious tradition(s) not covered in the course's first semester.

Twelve-Credit Courses

A student may take either of these courses to fulfill the Theology requirement:

  • THEO/PHIL1088-1089 Person and Social Responsibility (for PULSE Program students only)
  • THEO/PHIL1090-1091 Perspectives on Western Culture

The following options do not count for credit towards the theology core requirement:

  • Summer courses taken through the Office of International Programs
  • Courses taken as Pass/Fail