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College of Arts and Sciences

Theological Ethics

theology department

Theological ethics examines the interaction of religious wisdom with the most pressing contemporary moral issues, both personal and social, and addresses the important challenges related to development of faith and the life of faith in community.

2015-2016 Courses

Catholic Theological Ethics: 12-18th Centuries (Keenan)

Christian Ethics: Major Figures (Cahill)

Complicity in Law and Ethics (Kaveny)

Ethics of War and Peacemaking (K. Himes)

Ethics, Religion, and International Affairs (Erik Owens)

Feminist Theology and Ethics (Cahill)

For God and Country? Religion and Citizenship (Erik Owens)

God, Ethics, and the World of Science (Pope)

HIV/Aids and Ethics (Keenan)

Human Rights: A Common Morality for a Diverse World (Hollenbach)

John and Virtue Ethics (Keenan)

Law, Medicine, and Ethics (Paris)

Law, Medicine, and Public Policy (Paris)

Mercy and Justice (Kaveny)

Modern Catholic Social Teaching (K. Himes)

Reinhold Niebuhr and John Courtney Murray (Hollenbach)

The Common Good (Hollenbach)