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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Systematic Theology

theology department

Systematic theology raises key questions of truth and understanding about the mysteries of religious faith and our knowledge and expressions of that faith within the Catholic tradition, in other Christian Churches, and in some of the world’s other great religions.


Fall 2016 Courses

THEO5599 A Theology of Food: Eating, Drinking, and the Eucharist (Bergin)

THEO7624 Vatican II: History, Interpretation, Reception (Gaillardetz)

THEO7654 Theology in a Secular Age (Robinette)

THEO7968 Theological Anthropology (Hinsdale)

THEO7969 Suffering, Solidarity, and the Cross (Copeland)

THEO8818 Theology of Historical Praxis (Lawrence)

Spring 2017 Courses

THEO5350 Sacraments as Prophetic Actions (Bergin)

THEO5429 Theology and Ecology (Hinsdale)

THEO5556 Mystery of God (Prevot)

THEO7598 Lonergan's Christology

THEO7660 Hans Urs von Balthasar (Prevot)

THEO7676 Theological Aesthetics (Goizueta)

THEO7694 Early Modern Theology (M. Himes)

THEO8630 Authority in the Church (Gaillardetz)

THEO8819 Jerusalem and Athens: Foundational Methodology (Lawrence)