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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Special Academic Programs

theology department

The Institute of Medieval Philosophy and Theology

In conjuction with the Ph.D. program in theological studies, the Department is also linked to Boston College's Institute of Medieval Philosophy and Theology. The Institute unites the teaching and research efforts of faculty members in the Theology and Philosophy departments who specialize in medieval philosophy and theology. Doctoral degrees are awarded in the Theology (or Philosophy) department, and students study within one of these departments.

The focus of the Institute is on the relationship between medieval philosophy and theology and modern continental philosophy and theology. The concentration of the Philosophy and Theology departments at Boston College lies in modern continental thought, so the context for carrying on a dialogue between medieval and modern philosophy and theology is well established.

To foster this dialogue and encourage the scholarly retrieval of the great medieval intellectual tradition, the Institute offers fellowships and assistantships, sponsors speakers programs and a faculty-student seminar to investigate new areas of medieval philosophical and theological research, and runs a research center to assist in the publication of monographs and articles in the diverse areas of medieval philosophy and theology. The research center also encourages the translation of medieval sources and the editing of philosophical and theological texts.

The Lonergan Center

The Lonergan Center at Boston College fosters studies related to the work of the Jesuit theologian and philosopher Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984). Inaugurated in 1986, the Center houses a growing collection of Lonergan's published and unpublished writings, as well as secondary materials and reference works. It also serves as a seminar and meeting room. The Center is located in Bapst Library. Boston College sponsors an annual Lonergan Workshop which provides resources, lectures and workshops. For more information go to the Lonergan Center web site or call 617-552-8095.