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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Ph.D. Dissertations and Placements


John Barker, Catholic Theological Union, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies

Stephanie Corigliano, Humboldt State University (CA), Part Time Lecturer

Marianne Tierney Fitzgerald, University of Notre Dame, Program Manager in the Office of Mission Engagement and Church Affairs 

Christopher Jones, Barry University, Assistant Professor of Theology

Monica Jalandoni, Nalupta Ateneo de Manila in Philippines, Professor

James O'Sullivan, Saint Joseph University (PA), Assistant Professor of Social Ethics

Cristina Richie, (UCLA) Health Ethics Center Arny and Anne Porath, Clinical Ethics Fellow

Kate Ward, Marquette University, Visiting Professor

Stanislaus Alla, Vidyajyoti College of Theology in Delhi, India, Professor

Anthony Coleman, St. Gregory's University, Assistant Professor of Theology

Christopher Conway, College of St. Benedict/St. John (MN), Assistant Professor

Jeremy V. Cruz, Saint John's University (NY), Instructor

John P. Edwards, Villanova University, Associate Director Retreat Program and Adjunct Professor of Theology

Nichole Flores, University of Virginia, Assistant Professor

Conor Kelly, Marquette University, Assistant Professor

Nicole Reibe, Boston College, Part Time Faculty

Robert Rivera, Saint John's University (NY), Assistant Professor of Theology & Religious Studies

Andrew Salzmann, Benedictine College, Assistant Professor of Theology

Joshua Snyder, Saint Anselm College, Instructor

Brian Traska, Boston College, Part Time Faculty

David Turnbloom, University of Portland, Assistant Professor

Jennifer Wade, Marymount (CA), Assistant Professor

Glenn Willis, Misericordia University, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Thomas Burke, Saint Joseph College (IN), Rensselaer Program - Church Music & Liturgy

Benjamin Durheim, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology

Katie Grimes, Villanova University, Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics

Michael Jaycox, Seattle University, Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies

Matthew Kruger, Boston College, Assistant Professor of the Practice

Emma O'Donnell, Lund University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Erik Ranstrom, Rosemount College, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Katherine Richman, Laboure College, Lecturer

Autumn Ridenour, Merrimack University, Assistant Professor of Religious & Theological Studies

Raymond Ward, Cabrini College (PA), Associate Director for Peace & Justice and Lecturer

Kevin Ahern, Manhattan College, Assistant Professor

Hoa Trung Dinh, Jesuit Theological College, Assistant Professor

Walter Hannam, University of Emmanuel College (SK), Assistant Professor

Jill O'Brien, Creighton Universtiy, Assistant Professor

Steve Okey, Saint Leo University, Assistant Professor

Jeremy Sabella, Fairfield University, Adjunct Professor

Rene Sanchez, University of Portland, Assistant Professor

James Arinello, St. John's Prep HS, Religious Studies Professor

Karen Bautista Enriquez, Loyola Marymount, Assistant Professor

Albertus Bagus laksana, Jesuit seminary in Indonesia, Assistant Professor

Matthew Jon Sherman, Marian University (IN), Assistant Professor

John Slotemaker, Fairfield University, Assistant Professor

Kevin Vander Schel, Villanova University, Catherine of Siena Fellow

Stanislaus Subba Reddy Alla, “Care and Access: Catholic and Hindu Approaches to Ethics in Healthcare”

Anthony P. Coleman, “Lactantius and the Doctrine of Providence

Christopher R. Conway, “Liberative Service: A Comparative Theological Reflection on Dalit Theology's Service and Swami Vivekananda's Seva”

Jeremy V. Cruz, “Social Equality in Recent Catholic Social Thought: Toward an Ethic of Global Social Equality”

John P. Edwards, “Developing a ″Theology in the Order of Discovery″: The Method and Contribution of James Alison”

Conor M. Kelly, “Service And Justice, Peace and Solidarity: Theology And Ethics For Work And Leisure”

Nicole L. Reibe, “Preaching Participation: The Theology Of Achard Of St. Victor”

Robert J. Rivera, “A Christology of Liberation in an Age of Globalization and Exclusion: The Contributions of Jon Sobrino and Edward Schillebeeckx”

Andrew B. Salzmann, “The Holy Spirit And The Life Of The Christian According To Hugh Of St. Victor: Dator Et DonumCordis Omne Bonum

Brian Traska, “Philosophy as Faith Seeking Understanding An Interpretation of Bernard Lonergan’s 1972 Lectures on Philosophy of God and Systematic Theology”

Jennifer S. Wade, “Resisting Violence through the Meditative Body: A Theological Anthropology of Transformational Anger in Judith Butler and The Revelations of Divine Love

Glenn Willis, “Drive All Blames into One: Rhetorics of 'Self-Blame' and Refuge in Tibetan Buddhist Lojong, Nietzsche, and the Desert Fathers”

Thomas F. Burke, “Self –Emptying Love: Kenosis, Sacraments and the Church,” directed by Frederick Lawrence

Benjamin Durheim, “Christ’s Gift, Our Response: Martin Luther and Louis-Marie Chauvet on the Connection between Sacraments and Ethics,” directed by John Baldovin, S.J.

Katie Grimes, “Christ Divided: White Supremacy as a Corporate Vice in the Body of Christ,” directed by James Keenan, S.J.

Michael Jaycox, “Righteous Anger and Virtue Ethics: A Contemporary Reconstruction of Anger in Service to Justice,” directed by James Keenan, S.J.

Matthew Kruger, “The Freedom of the Mind for God: Reflexivity and Spiritual Exercises in Thomas Aquinas,” directed by Stephen Brown

Emma O’Donnell, “The Liturgical Transformation of Time: Memory and Eschatological Anticipation in Christian and Jewish Liturgy,” directed by John Baldovin, S.J.

Erik John Ranstrom, “The Unknown Body of Christ: Towards a Retrieval of the Early Panikkar’s Christology of Religions,” directed by Catherine Cornille

Autumn Alcott Ridenour, “Union With Christ for the Aging: A consideration of Aging and Death in the Theology of St. Augustine and Karl Barth,” directed by Lisa Sowle Cahill

Raymond Ward, “Collectives in Christian Ethics: A Study of Reinhold Niebuhr and Jacques Maritain,” directed by Lisa Sowle Cahill

Kevin Ahern, "Structures of Grace: Catholic Nongovernmental Organizations and the Mission of the Church," directed by David Hollenbach

Hoa Trung Dinh, SJ, "Theological Medical Ethics: A Virtue-base Approach," directed by Lisa Sowle Cahill

Walter Hannam, "The Ineutabile of Honorius Augustodunensis: A Study in the textures of early Twelfth-Century Augustinianisms," directed by Stephen Brown

Jill O'Brien, "Images of God, Roles of Humanity, and Ecological Ramifications: Hope and Realism in the Renewal of Creation," directed by Lisa Sowle Cahill

Steve Okey, "The Plural and Ambiguous Self: The Theological Anthropology of David Tracy," directed by Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM

Jeremy Sabella, "The Politics of Original Sin: Reinhold Niebuhr's Christian Realism and its Cold War Realist," directed by Michael Himes

Rene Sanchez, "Agapic Solidarity: Practicing the Love Command in a Globalized Reality," directed by Roberto Goizueta

James Arinello, "Simplified by the Highest Simplicity: Mystical Account According to Thomas Gallus," directed by Stephen Brown

Karen Bautista Enriquez, "Interrupting the Conversation on Kenosis and Sunyata: Buddhist and Christian Women in Search of the Relational Self," directed by John Makransky

Albertus Bagus Laksana, "Journeying to God in Communion with the Other: A Comparative Theological Study of the Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Traditions in South Central Java and their contributions to the Catholic Theology of Communio Sanctorum," directed by James Morris

Matthew Jon Sherman, "'Become what you receive.' A Transformative Eucharistic Vision of the Family, Engaging the History and Theology of U.S. Catholicism in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries," directed by Lisa Sowle Cahill

John T. Slotemaker, "Pierre D'Ailly and the Development of the Late Medieval Trinitarian Theology: (with an edition ofQuaestiones Super Primum Sententiarum,QQ. 4-8, 10)," directed by Stephen Brown

Kevin Vander Schel, "Whose Kingdom Shall Have No End: Christ and History in Friedrich Schleiermacher's Glaubenslehre and Christliche Sittenlehre," directed by Frederick Lawrence

Melissa Loya, "'I will utterly sweep everything away from the Fare of the Earth.' Decreation in Israel’s Prophetic Literature," directed by David Vanderhooft

Bienvenu Mayemba, "Christian Liberation and Postcolonial Consciousness: Jean-Marc Ela’s Reappropriation of African Subjectivity Perspectives," directed by M. Shawn Copeland

Elisee Rutagambwa, "Reclaiming the Actual Humanness of the Subject of Rights. Learned lessons from Rwanda and Ethical Perspectives," directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Lucas Chan (Yiu Sing Luke), "Why Scripture Scholars and Theological Ethicists need one another: Exegeting and Interpreting the Beatitudes as a Scripted Script for Ethical Living," directed by James Keenan, S.J.

Joseph Mudd, "Eucharist and Chauvet’s Symbol and Sacrament drawing on the works of Bernard Lonergan," directed by Frederick Lawrence

Bethany Kiernan Haile, "A Good Appetite: A Thomistic Approach to the Study of Eating Disorder and Body Dissatisfaction in American Women," directed by Stephen Pope

Maria McDowell, "The Joy of Enacted Virtue: Toward the Ordination of Women to the Eastern Orthodox Priesthood," directed by Francine Cardman

Sean Paul, “'By their fruits you shall know them': Ecclesial Fruitfulness as a standard of Protestant and Angelican Ecclesiality, drawing on the works of Joseph Ratzinger and Walter Kasper," directed by Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM

Elizabeth Keck, "The Glory of Yahweh, Name Theology, and Ezekiel’s Understanding of Divine Presence," directed by David Vanderhooft

Sarah Marie Moses, "Agency and the Elderly: A Christian Ethic of Care," directed by Lisa Sowle Cahill

Yeonge Seon Kim, "The Chronicler’s Description of the Temple Administration and the Incorporation of Non-Priestly Cultic Personnel among the Levities," directed by David Vanderhooft

Nicholas Cohen, "Patristic Analogues in Anselm of Canterbury’s Cur Deus Homo," directed by Stephen Brown

Demetrios Tonias, "Abraham in the Works of John Chrysostom," directed by Ruth Langer

Bede Bidlack, "In Good Company: The Body and Divinization in Pierre Teilhard De Chardin, SJ and Daoist Xiao Yingsou," directed by Catherine Cornille

Nicholas Owen Austin, “Thomas Aquinas on the Four Causes of Temperance,” directed by James Keenan, S.J.

Matthew J. Bagot, “The Future of Global Governance: Towards a Catholic Contribution Regarding the Idea of State Sovereignty,” directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Steven Douglas Cone, “Transforming Desire: The Relation of Religious Conversion and Moral Conversion in the Later Writing of Bernard Lonergan,” directed by Frederick Lawrence

Thomas Joseph Maximilian Curry, III, “On the Promise of Film as a Locus Mystagogicus: An Appraisal from the Perspectives of Roman Catholic Teaching on Cinema and Karl Rahner’s Fundamental Theology,” directed by Robert Imbelli

Jason Michael Donnelly, “Ecclesiology in Motion: Ecumenical Vocation and the Developing Ecclesial Identity and Self-Understanding of the United Church of Christ (USA),” directed by Mark Burrows

Kathryn A. Getek, “Just Punishment? A virtue ethics approach to prison reform in the United States,” directed by James Keenan, S.J.

Carolyn Weir Herman, “Living as a Sacrament of God’s Reign: Toward a Renewed Ethics in the Catholic Church,” directed by Lisa Sowle Cahill

Suzanne Judith Hevelone, “Preaching the Saints: The Legenda Aurea and Sermones De Sanctis of Jacobus De Voragine,” directed by Stephen Brown

Christian S. Krokus, “Faith Seeking Understanding: Louis Massignon’s (1883-1962) Catholic Conversation with Islam,” directed by Frederick Lawrence

Catherine Lane Muldoon, “Jonah, Nineveh, and the Problem of Divine Justice,” directed by David Vanderhooft

Amanda Osheim, “The Bishop’s Discernment of the Sensus Fidelium: Insights from the Jesuit Tradition,” directed by Michael Himes

Mark Potter, “Solidarity as Spiritual Exercise: A Contribution to the Development of Solidarity in the Catholic Social Tradition,” directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Tisha M. Rajendra, “The Rights of the Stranger: Justice, Responsibility and the Ethics of Migration,” directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Anna Floerke Scheid, “Resistance and Reconciliation: Lessons from South Africa on a Twofold Approach to Conflict Resolution,” directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Elizabeth Beshear Toft, “Christ’s Role in Sanctification according to St. Thomas Aquinas,” directed by Frederick Lawrence 

Meghan Julia Clark, “Participation and the Human Person: Integrating Solidarity and Human Rights in Catholic Social Teaching,” directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Hiutung Chan, “In Search of Transcendent Order in the Violent World: A Theological Meditation on Laozi’s Daode Jing and Augustine’s De Trinitate,” directed by S. Mark Heim

Laurie Johnston, “Signposts for an Ethic of Peacemaking: Reading Guadium et Spes In the List of Yves Congar and the Community of Sant’Egidio,” directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Michon Marie Matthiesen, “Sacrifice, Grace and Contemplative Prayer in Maurice de la Taille, S.J.,” directed by John Baldovin, S.J.

Mark T. Miller, “Why the Passion? Bernard Lonergan, S.J., on the Cross as Communication,” directed by Fred Lawrence

Michael Patrick Moreland, “Subsidiarity and the Safeguards of Federalism,” directed by David Hollenbach, S.J.

Pyong-Gwan Pak, S.J., “The Vernacular, Mystical Theology of Jan Van Ruusbroec: Exploring Sources, Contexts, and Theological Practices,” directed by Fred Lawrence

L. Matthew Petillo, “The ‘Experience of Grace’ in the Theologies of Bernard Lonergan and Karl Rahner,” directed by Fred Lawrence

Daniel Patrick Scheid, “'Let All Creatures Praise the Lord': God, Creation and Promoting the Cosmic Common Good,” directed by Stephen Pope

Jacquineau Azetsop, “Preferential Option for the Poor and Health Equity in Africa: A Theological Approach to Population-level Bioethics,” directed by James Keenan, S.J.

Daniel Daly, “From nature to Second Nature; The Relations of Natural Law, Acquired Virtue, and Moral Precepts in Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae," directed by James Keenan, S.J.

Brian Flanagan, “Communion, Diversity, and Salvation; The Contribution of Jean-Marie Tillard, O.P., to Systematic Theology,” directed by Mary Ann Hinsdale, IHM

Walter Kasinskas, “Saint Jerome’s Adversus Helvidium: A Manuscript, Historical, Theological, and Rhetorical Study," directed by Margaret Schatkin

Randall Rosenberg, “Theory and Drama in Balthasar’s and Lonergan’s Theology of Christ’s Consciousness and Knowledge: An Essay in Dialectics,” directed by Frederick Lawrence

Jonathan Paul Sydnor, “Ramanuja and Schleiermacher: Toward a Constructive Comparative Theology,” directed by Francis Clooney, S.J.

Karen Teel, “The Role of the Body in the Image of God: Resources in Womanist Theology,” directed by M. Shawn Copeland

Jaime Vidaurrazaga, “Lifelong Neophytes: Towards a Baptismal Understanding of Christian Morality,” directed by James Keenan, S.J.