Panels & Speakers 2004-2005

Panels & Speakers

Brown Bag Lunch Schedule

Should Catholics Seek To Convert Jews?: A Panel Discussion

February 9, 2005
Sponsored by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning.

Faith, Scripture and the Death Penalty: A Jewish - Christian Dialogue.

March 1, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm, Higgins 300
For more information, contact Sarah Moses at

"A Brief talk on Buddhist Wisdom and Compassion and Guided Meditation"
Prof. John Makransky

MARCH 2, 7 pm - 66 Chapel
BC Buddhist Club. For more information on this and other meditation lectures, go to

"Early Modern Jewish-Christian Controversies: Spinoza, Modena, and Isaac of Troki"
Daniel J. Lasker

March 15, 7:30PM , Higgins 310
Sponsored by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning.

Christ's Passion: What's at Stake for Christians and Jews? ­ Personal Meditations for Holy Week

March 22, 4PM, place TBA
Sponsored by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning.

Engaging Particularities

April 1-3, 2005
The celebrated national graduate student conference, once again at BC. For information, go to

"A Global Ethic for a Globalized World? The Role of the Religions" (Lowell Humanities Series)
Paul Knitter (Xavier, Cincinnati)

APRIL 13, 7:30 PM, Devlin 008

A Dinner Conversation with Paul Knitter: “The Myth of Religious Superiority – A Multi-Faith Exploration”

April 14, 4:30-8
More information to follow.

Evil in a Comparative Perspective

April 22-23
This two day seminar at Boston University will features speakers and respondents examining evil from the perspective of different religious traditions. It is in conjunction with the Boston University 2004-2005 Institute for Philosophy and Religion Series on "Evil." For more information on that series, go to Information on the April 22-23 seminar will be posted when available.

"Organizing the Divine: a problem of scripture, exegesis, and theology"

April 27, 430-8
A seminar on the meeting points of scriptural exegesis and theology, considered in a comparative perspective. Presentations by Profs. Jon Levenson and Parimal Patil. Dinner included.

For more information, go to Organizing the Divine.

Conversation with Rabbi Irving Greenburg, author of For the Sake of Heaven and Earth: The New Encounter between Jews and Christians.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 7:30 P.M, Location TBA

Rabbi Greenberg, the president of the Jewish Life Network/Steinhardt Foundation, is an Orthodox rabbi who for many years has been considering the covenantal relationship between Judaism and Christianity. In this collection of essays, he calls for Christians and Jews to come together in their continuously evolving partnership with God - dual covenants that demand openness to each other, learning from each other, and a respect for the distinctiveness of the ongoing validity of each other.

Responding to Rabbi Greenberg¹s presentation will be:  Francis X. Clooney, S.J. (BC), Philip A. Cunningham (BC), Steven T. Katz (Boston University)

Sponsored by the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning. Please contact the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning at or stop by the Center office.

Christian Commentaries on Non-Christian Texts

October 20, 4:30PM-9PM, McGuinn 5th Floor Lounge .

Inauguration of a proposed new book series, Christian Commentaries on Non-Christian Texts, to be edited by Prof. Catherine Cornille (BC), with the presentation of samples, by Profs. John Keenan (Emeritus, Middlebury), Robert Neville (BU), John Berthrong (BU) and Francis Clooney (BC).

Presentations and buffet supper included. Contact Catherine Cornille,,
or call her at 2-3880 (ext 2-3880) for information. Details to follow.

Personal Experience, Theological Reflection and Cross- Cultural Dialogue: Encounters with Contemporary Ponca, Lakota and Christian Practices

November 4, 7:30PM, Higgins 300.

A presentation by Raymond Bucko, SJ and Tami Buffalohead McGill on Personal Experience, Theological Reflection and Cross- Cultural Dialogue: Encounters with Contemporary Ponca, Lakota and Christian Practices. This event will be co-sponsored by BC¹s Native American students association.

Society for Comparative Theology

November 16, 7pm

The Society for Comparative Theology, which brings together faculty and grad students from the BTI schools, will have its first meeting of the year, here at BC, for a general discussion on Comparative Theology and the Study of Theology today. Details on place and presenters to follow.

The Society for Comparative Theology will meet on Tuesday, November 16, 7-9 PM, in the Theology Department at Boston College. (Directions below.) These meetings are open to all interested graduate students and faculty, from any of the BTI schools or other neighboring schools. Later meetings this year, to be announced, are expected to take place at the Harvard Divinity School and the Boston University School of Theology. The Society is a colloquium for faculty and graduate students of the Boston Theological Institute, as well as scholars in the greater Boston area. It meets on a regular basis ­ usually three times a year [fall, winter, spring] - for discussion and the presentation of current work by the Society's members.

The November 16th meeting offers an opportunity for us to review the work and purpose of the Society, after more than a decade of activity. It will begin with presentations by Profs. John Berthrong (BUST), Francis Clooney (BC), and Anne Monius (HDS) centered on the following issues:

  1. views of comparative theology in relation to theology and Christian theology, the study of religion, area studies etc.; then in particular,
  2. resources at our respective institutions (and throughout the BTI) for CT and related fields;
  3. theoretical and practical problems we see in the field, regarding expertise, methods, theological implications, etc.;
  4. suggestions for the coming year.

These brief presentations will be followed by open discussion; suggestions regarding the winter and spring meetings will also be welcomed. Light refreshments will be served.

Since the Theology Department, on the 3rd floor of 21 Campanella Way on the BC campus, is ordinarily locked at 5pm, please do not come before 6:45pm, when the door will be opened. The building itself, and the library, will be open throughout.

For further information, contact John Berthrong (617 353 3050; ) or Francis Clooney (617 553 3800; ).

Directions: the BC Theology Department is on the 3rd floor of 21 Campanella Way, the new office building just below O¹Neill Library. By car, it is easiest to enter the campus by the Comm Ave side, and proceed in to the garage next to 21 Campanella Way. (See map at ) The campus is also accessible by the "B" Green line and, with a bit of a walk, by the "D" Green line.
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Projected Spring Events (information to follow)

Engaging Particularities III: 3rd Annual National Graduate Student
Conference on Comparative theology, theology of religions, mission history
and missiology, related issues. Details to follow.

Seminar on monotheism in a comparative perspective: tensions between
scripture and theology, exegesis and system (organized by Profs. Clooney and
Vanderhooft) Details to follow.

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