The Comparative Theology and Theology of Religions area sponsors a variety of events throughout the year. These include various speakers and panels, the annual O'Brien Colloquium in Interreligious Dialogue, the graduate-student Engaging Particularities conference, and the Boston area Society for Comparative Theology. This page contains links to specific event pages, including otherwise archived pages from previous years.


Panels & Speakers

Throughout the year, BC hosts a variety of panels and speakers on topics related to Comparative Theology and Theology of Religion. Events vary from year to year, and are updated as events are scheduled. Until the 2008-2009 academic year when it was replaced by a more formal seminar, these included regular brown-bag lunches throughout the semester.


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Engaging Particularities

This is an annual national graduate student conference in CT-TR and related fields. This conference brings together graduate students from Jesuit and select other universities around the country for a weekend of presentations and discussion. Students in our Program organize the annual Engaging Particularities Conference.


2010 Conference VIII
2009 Conference VII
2008 Conference VI
2007 Conference V
2006 Conference IV
2005 Conference III
2004 Conference II

Society for Comparative Theology

The Society for Comparative Theology ordinarily meets two or three times a year and is open to faculty and graduate students in the Boston area, who take turns in giving papers and responding.


2009-2010 Meetings
2008-2009 Meetings
2007-2008 Meetings
2006-2007 Meetings
2005-2006 Meetings
2004-2005 Meetings
2003-2004 Meetings

The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning

The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning is dedicated to the multifaceted development and implementation of new and positive relationships between Christians and Jews. To do so requires engagement in Comparative Theology, investigating the ways that Christians and Jews understand themselves in the presence of the other. Students may receive degrees with a focus on Christian-Jewish Relations through an appropriate MA course of studies or through a major or minor in the PhD program in CT-TR with a focus on Judaism. For more information on the Center and its courses, go to or contact Prof. Langer or Prof. Bernauer.

Updated: 22-Aug-2013
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