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Brown Bag Lunches

General Information:

All lunches are in the Theology Department Conference Room 335, 21 Camponella Way, 3rd Floor, unless otherwise noted.

Topics range from informal discussion of a question someone raises at lunch, to presentations by professors or students on topics they are writing about, to discussions with visitors to the university.

No background expertise, preparation or reading is required. You do not need to be an expert on a topic to lead a discussion about it! Newcomers are most welcome any week. (Bring your own lunch, if you wish to eat.)

If you are interested in presenting, or have suggestions, contact any of the Comparative Theology professors (Cornille, Langer, Makransky).

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Spring Lunches

All lunches will be held from 12-1 PM in Room 335 of the Theology Department.

Wednesday, Januarty 26 - Prof. Daniel Jeyaraj (ANTS), "Protestant approach to Caste System: A
case study."

Tuesday, February 8 - Religious and Interreligious Dimension of the Tsunami.

Thursday, February 17 - Prof. Ruth Langer: "Under Construction: An Anthology of Jewish Views of the

Wednesday, February 23 - M. David Eckel, "Evil in a Comparative Perspective: Series and Seminar"

Tuesday, March 1- Tracy Tiemeier (PhD Cand), “Thinking through Gender and Asian American Identity: Rita Nakashima Brock and Antal in Comparison”

Thursday, March 17 - Leah Weiss (IREPM, Pastoral Ministry) “Exploring the roles of purification, and refuge/faith through silent retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.”

Wednesday, March 30 - Donatien Mushamalirwa, SJ (WJST) “In commemoration: Jacques Dupuis, SJ”

Tuesday, April 5 - Prof. John Makransky, “Buddha and Christ as Mediations of Ultimate Reality”

Thursday, April 14 - Prof. Paul Knitter (Xavier U.), “The Joys of Interreligious Theology: A Personal Report”

Wednesday, April 20 - Prof. Richard Kearney (Philosophy), “Global Interreligious Cooperation after 9/11”

Thursday, May 5 - Bede Bidlack (DRTS BU, MA) “A Comparative Look at Meditation: The Jesus Prayer Tradition and Daoist Inner Alchemy”

Fall Lunches

September 21 (Room 335)– Introductions, Brainstorming

September 29 (335)– Monotheism in a comparative perspective? - Frank Clooney, SJ

October 7 (335) – Scott Steinkerchner, OP will lead a discussion on, Toward a Global Ethic? Alternatives: Should we aim for (a) recognition of a uniform planetary ethic? (b) a global accommodation of conflicting  ethical differences? (c) a mix of uniformity and particularism? Is each   of these arrangements morally acceptable (even if  unequal in value)?; tolerable, if not otherwise acceptable? Uniformity: If a uniform moral code is to be accepted, should its  content be: (a) that of a now particular system? (b) a hybrid  of several moral systems? (c) something else? How should one deal with  others who also favor a universal moral code, but  one that is different from one's own?

October 13 (335)– A conversation on translation, with Bill Porter. Mr Porter translates Chinese poetry and Buddhist texts under the name Red Pine. At lunch, he will discuss his approach to the translation of poetry and religious texts.  In explaining his approach, Porter will use examples from his recent work on the Heart and Diamond Sutras.

October 25 (328) – Teresa Korphage (MA Program) will lead a discussion  on contemporary responses to suffering in Judaism and Christianity. Elie Wiesel and JB Metz in particular. She is interested  in theodicy and responses to suffering in all religions, so looks  forward to input from those in other fields.

November 2 (328) – Christian Krokus (Ph.D Program) will lead a discussion about participation in the worship / prayer / ritual of another tradition, whether that's possible in any authentic or meaningful way, whether that makes sense, what difficulties or uncomfortabilities arise in doing so, etc.  He will begin the conversation with a few minutes of reflection on his experience at a Sufi Muslim retreat he attended in September and some of the questions that the experience raised.

November 10 (328) – Teaching Religions - a shared conversation on teaching religions in the classroom ­ what works and doesn¹t work practically, interesting challenges and insights; teaching the Religious Quest < and so on: the goal is for an hour of sharing that is both interesting and useful.
No need to be teaching religions at the moment ­ all welcome!

November 29 (328) – Philip Cunningham (Director of the Center for Christian-Jewish Learning) will lead us in a discussion on what "we" learn from the debate about  (not) attempting to convert members of the Jewish faith.

December 7 (328) – Prof. Audrey Doetzel (Research Fellow, C-J Center) and Prof. Thomas Groome (IREPM Director) will speak on "The presentation of religion in high school textbooks," based on a specific review project occurring now in NYC.

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