Brown Bags 2003-2004

Spring Lunches

Wednesday, Feb. 4 - Current areas of investigation: Participants briefly share with each other their own current project or investigation into an area of Christian theology, into another religious tradition, or into a theme for comparison among traditions

Thursday, Feb. 12 -John Sheveland: Why Karl Barth might have advocated yoga practice.

Monday, Feb. 23 - K.C. Choi: Comparative Theology and Ethics: Should Christian Ethics Care about Comparative Theology?

Tuesday, March 9 - "Teaching Comparative Theology"  -- What are our goals in teaching Comparative Theology  to undergrad. and grad. students?   What approaches and methods do we use?    What challenges or problems have come up?   What seems to have worked well, what not?      An open discussion on approaches that professors, TFs and TAs have used.

Wednesday, March 17 - Mark Heim "The Place of Other Religions In Christian Theology" for Boston College Theology graduate students and faculty, Theology Dept., #328.

Thursday, March 25 - Philip Cunningham-- "The Controversy over Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ' and What It Reveals about Current Christian-Jewish Relations."

Monday, April 5 - Catherine Cornille -- "Christian Humility and Inter-religious Dialogue."

Tuesday, April 13 - John Makransky -- "Some Ways in Which a Buddhist Sees the Christian Trinity as True."

Wednesday, April 21 - Ruth Langer -- "Modernity and the Birkat Haminim: Changing Jewish Liturgical Reflections on their Neighbors."

Thursday, April 29 - Kerry San Chirico --  "From Theory to Application: Theology of Religions, Jacques Dupuis, and the Problem of Speaking for Hinduism."

Fall Lunches

Tuesday, Sep. 16 - opening conversation, brainstorming for the semester

Wednesday, Sep. 24 – Dr. (Fr.) Felix Wilfred, Chair of the Department of Christianity at the University of Madras, Visiting Joseph Professor at BC; reflections on religious pluralism and the study of theology in India today.

Monday, Oct. 6 – Prof. Robert Daly, S.J., “Ecumenical and Interreligious 'Eucharistic' Praying”

Thursday, Oct. 16– Jon Paul Sydnor (Ph.D. student), “Picasso's Crucifixion and Shaivism's Nataraja: Comparative Visual Theology” 

Wednesday, Oct. 22 - Kelly Brotzman (Adjunct Professor), “How Schleiermacher Theologizes Religions — Schleiermacher the Triumphalist?”

Tuesday, Oct. 28 - Prof. Louis Roy, O.P., on his recent book, Mystical Consciousness: Western perspectives and Dialogue with Japanese Thinkers

Monday, Nov. 3 - Prof. Catherine Cornille, “Women between Dialogue and Fundamentalism.”

Thursday, Nov. 13 - Prof. Jeffrey Geoghegan, “Genesis and Creation in their Ancient Near Eastern Context.”

Tuesday, Nov. 18 - Thomas Cattoi (Ph.D student), “Purifying the mind and overturning the basis: Evagrian spirituality and Yogacara epistemology.”  

Wednesday, Dec. 3 - Adrianne Nagy (Ph.D. Cand.). “Religious Experiences of Time: Comparative Possibilities."top of page

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