Courses 2013-2014

For course descriptions, please click on the course number. Levels 1,2, and Core are for undergraduates only. For course times and locations, please search the university's on-line catalogue.

Fall 2013


TH 107 Religion in Africa (Undergraduate Level 1): Lugira

TH161 Religious Quest I: Comparative Perspectives (Undergraduate Core)

TH 241 /CL242 Roman Religion (Level 3): Eshleman

TH 352/TM 352 Israelis and Palestinians: Two Peoples, Three Faiths (Level 3): Helmick

TH 437/TM 437 Jewish & Christian Approaches to Bible (Level 3): Langer, Vanderhooft

TH 507/TM 577 Theology of Religions/Comparative Theology (grad): Cornille

TH 548/PL 448/TM 448 Buddhist Thought and Practice (Level 3): Makransky

TH 554 Encountering the Qur'an: Contexts and Approaches (Level 3): Morris

TH 578 Visions and Visualizations: Daoist Religious Traditions (Level 3): Mozina

TM 703 Seminar: Christ, Christians, and the Religions (grad): Sachs

Spring 2014


TH 108/BK 121 Christianity in Africa (Level 1): Lugira

TH162 Religious Quest II: Comparative Perspectives (Undergraduate Core)

TH 171 All Under Heaven:Religion&Politics in Early China (Level 1): Mozina, Zhang

TH 387 Path of Bodhisattva:Mahayana Buddhism/East (Level 3): Mozina
TH 436 Exploring the Theology of Abraham Joshua Heschel (Level 3): Langer

TH 506/PL 509Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy and Practice (Level 3): Makransky

TH 527/TM 544 Meditation, Interfaith Learning, and Social Service (Level 3): Makransky

TH 566 Mystical Poetry in the Islamic Humanities (Level 3): Morris

TH 985 Comparative Doctoral Seminar (grad)

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