Religious Quest

The introductory undergraduate course for Comparative Theology is offered as The Religious Quest. All other courses are electives or graduate level courses, and can be accessed through the menu at the left.

TH 161/162 The Religious Quest: Comparative Perspectives

You must take both sections of the Religious Quest I and II (TH 161 and TH 162) to receive Core credit. There are no exceptions.

The Religious Quest explores the individual and communal search for wisdom about human nature, the world, ultimate realities and God, secrets of love and death, also enduring values to live by and paths to spiritual maturity. Although each section is different, likely themes include symbols, myths, doctrines, rituals, holy texts, saints, comparisons and contrasts among traditions, relevance of classical religious traditions to issues in today's world, interreligious dialogue today, and religious diversity in the Boston area. Each section brings the Biblical and Christian tradition into conversation with at least one other religious tradition.

The sections for 2013-14 are are as follows:

Natana DeLong-Bas—Islam
Ruth Langer—Judaism
John Makransky—Buddhism
Jillian Maxey—Judaism
H. John McDargh—Judaism, Buddhism
James Morris—Islam, Judaism
David Mozina—Daoism, Chinese Religions
Emma O'Donnell—Judaism
Stephanie Petersen Corigliano —Hinduism
Rifat Sonsino—Judaism
Glenn Willis—Buddhism

Updated: 15-Oct-2013
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