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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Department Profiles

theology department

Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards, Ph.D. Profile

Stephanie C. Edwards is a Ph.D. candidate in Theological Ethics, beginning her dissertation on a constructive ethics of memory rooted in the Christian tradition. Read more about Stephanie

Jamie Myrose
Jamie Myrose, A&S '18

Jamie Myrose is an undergraduate pursuing the Honors Theology major. Though she has taken courses ranging from Akkadian to Modern Catholic Social Teaching, she is particularly interested in Biblical and Systematic Theology. Read more about Jamie

Libbie Steiner
Libbie Steiner, A&S '17

As an undergraduate pursuing an Honors Theology major, Libbie is interested in exploring many facets of theology. She has enjoyed courses in subjects as diverse as biblical Hebrew and Ignatian spirituality. Her current interests include liberation theology and Christology, peace and justice, and theology of mental illness. Read more about Libbie

Jessica Coblentz
Jessica Coblentz, Ph.D. '17

Jessica Coblentz graduated in 2017 with her Ph.D. in systematic theology. Her dissertation, titled, “Depression’s Challenge to Theologies of Suffering and Salvation,” developed a theology of depression based on first-person narratives and phenomenological analyses of depression. Read more about Jessica

Robert Elliot
Robert Elliot, M.A. Profile

Robert Elliot is a student in the joint M.A. program in philosophy and theology. He is the recipient of a full-tuition scholarship from the Longeran Center. Robert's current interests are at the intersection of twentieth century systematic theology and post-Hegelian continental philosophy. Read more about Robert

Matthew Richey
Kevin Ahern, Ph.D. '13

Kevin Ahern defended his dissertation on the theological significance of transnational Catholic nongovernmental organizations. He has accepted a position as an assistant professor in Catholic social ethics at Manhattan College. He is the editor of Visions of Hope: Emerging Theologians and the Future of the Church (Orbis, 2013).

Matthew Richey
Matthew Richey, A&S'12

Matthew Richey (Theology major, '12) has been awarded a Fulbright grant to study toward a master’s degree at Tel Aviv University in Archaeology and the History of the Land of the Bible. His seminar paper, “The Use of Greek at Qumran,” is slated for publication in the flagship journal Dead Sea Discoveries. Read more about Matthew

Beth Haile
Beth Haile, Ph.D.'10

Beth defended her dissertation on the moral dimension of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction. She has accepted a position at Carroll College next fall as their new professor of moral theology. Read more about Beth

Celso J. Perez '09, MA'10
Celso J. Perez '09, MA'10

Celso spendt the year doing volunteer service in Ecuador before heading off to law school. Read more about Celso

Cathleen Chopra-McGowan '10
Cathleen Chopra-McGowan '10

A core theology course she took in freshman year persuaded Cathleen to change her major, apply for and receive a Fulbright fellowship to study in Israel, and pursue a career as a biblical scholar. Read more about Cathleen