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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Upcoming Events

productions, lectures, workshops, and department events

BC Theatre Info Meeting & Ice Cream Social
Monday, August 29, 2016 | Bonn Studio

Info Session: 4:30pm (new students only)
Ice Cream Social: 5:30pm (all students)

Meet fellow students and make new friends in the Theatre Department. Get information on auditions for shows, production labs, stage management, design, and other backstage opportunities All are welcome! RSVP on Facebook to let us know you're attending.

Fall 2016 Show Auditions
September 2-4

Audition requirements and sign-up sheets will be posted on the callboards in the back hallway of the Robsham about a week before auditions. Break a leg everyone!

Show: Waiting for Lefty and Still Waiting Directed by Patricia Riggin
Producer: BC Theatre
Auditions: Fri, Sept 2nd 6-11pm (Mainstage); Sat, Sept 3rd 10am-3pm (Mainstage) and 4-7pm (Bonn)
Callbacks: Sun, Sept 4th 1-5pm (Mainstage)
Questions: E-mail the Stage Manager, Ryan Gardner at

Show: The Misanthrope Directed by Dr. Theresa Lang
Producer: BC Theatre
Auditions: Fri, Sept 2nd 6-11pm (Bonn); Sat, Sept 3rd 10am-3pm (Bonn) and 4-7pm (Mainstage)
Callbacks: Sun, Sept 4th 6-10pm (Mainstage)
Questions: E-mail the Stage Manager, Adriana CastaƱos at

Show: Assassins Directed by Jenna Corcoran '17 & Joe McCarthy '17
Producer: BC Contemporary Theatre
Auditions: Sat, Sept 3rd 2:30-6:30pm (Vanderslice) and 7-11pm (Bonn)
Callbacks: Sun, Sept 4th 10am-3pm (Bonn)
Questions: E-mail the Stage Manager, Alex La Torre at

Show: Constellations Directed by Ted Kearnan '17
Producer: BC Dramatics Society
Auditions: Fri, Sept 2nd 6-10pm (Slice); Sat, Sept 3rd 10am-2pm (Vanderslice)
Callbacks: Sun, Sept 4th 4pm (Bonn)
Questions: E-mail the Stage Manager, Monica Vitzozki at


BC Theatre & RTAC

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Bonn Studio | 4:30pm

  • Curious about performing in productions at BC?
  • Interested in job opportunties? 
  • Questions about the Theatre Major or Minor?
  • Just want to meet other creative people?

Meet the Theatre faculty and RTAC staff in an informal setting! We will also be looking for interested students for employment opportunities so bring your resume if you have one. This event is FREE and open to all BC students. All are welcome! Oh- did we mention there will be FREE FOOD AND DOOR PRIZES? RSVP on Facebook to let us know you're attending.

Waiting for Lefty by Clifford Odets

& Still Waiting: New Plays by Melinda Lopez,
Kate Snodgrass, and Sheri Wilner

Directed by Patricia Riggin

October 13-16, 2016
Robsham Mainstage Theater

Waiting for Lefty is comprised of a series of varied, imaginatively conceived episodes, which blend into a powerful and stirring mosaic. The opening scene is a hiring hall where a union leader is trying to convince a committee of workers (who are waiting for their leader, Lefty, to arrive) not to strike. The following scenes feature different stories, including a moving confrontation between a discouraged taxi driver, who cannot earn enough to live on, and his angry wife, who wants him to show some backbone and stand up to his employer; a scene between a scheming boss and the young worker who refuses to spy on his fellow employees; an episode centering on a young cabbie and his would-be bride, who lack the wherewithal to get married; a senior doctor and the underpaid young intern (a labor activist) whom the doctor has been ordered to discharge; and, finally, a return to the union hall where the workers wait.

Still Waiting is a collection of new short plays, all written by contemporary female playwrights, that bring the struggles of American workers and their lives into the 21st Century.