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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Dance for Theater Concentration Requirements

theatre department

The Dance for Theatre Concentration promotes dance and physical performance as art forms. Faculty members support individual skill-based development, focusing on strong technical ability, theatrical awareness, tools to deal with anxiety and stage fright, and the means to build future goals. Personal growth and professional competency are linked throughout the training process.

The Dance for Theatre Concentration provides stage movement skills for all students focusing on acting or directing while developing a strong technical base for those interested in musical theater. Faculty members have extensive backgrounds in the movement arts: ballet technique, jazz technique, choreography, dance production skills, musical theatre, performance history, and stage movement.

Six courses are required for a Dance for Theatre Concentration:

  • Stage Movement I (CT 220) or Stage Movement II (CT 320);
  • three courses from the following: Beginning Ballet I (CT 110),
    Beginning Ballet II (CT 111), Intermediate Ballet I (CT 210),
    Intermediate Ballet II (CT 211); Jazz I (CT 207), Jazz II (CT 307); and
  • two electives from other dance courses offered by the department.

The program is enriched by occasional workshops in character development, clowning, dance criticism, ethnic and period dance, improvisation, and composition. There are opportunities to perform in classroom and student productions, department musicals, and university performances, such as the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble. We also encourage attending the vast array of professional dance performances in the greater Boston area. Active advisement is available for those students interested in developing a professional dance career.