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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Requirements for the Major

theatre department

To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Boston College a student must complete: a) six required foundation courses; b) a minimum of six elective courses; and c) a minimum of six production labs.


The Foundation

These three-credit courses in theater study and theater practice provide a solid general education and establish the basis for advanced work. Ideally, a student will complete them by the end of their sophomore year. The six foundation courses are:

THTR 1172: Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Process. Students unable to register for this class may substitute it for a section of THTR 1170: Introduction to Theatre.

THTR 1101: Acting I: Fundamentals of Performance

THTR 1130: Elements of Theater Production I

THTR 1140: Elements of Theater Production II (Pre-Requisite THTR 1130)

THTR 2275: History of Theater I

THTR 2285: History of Theater II



Students must also complete six courses designed to provide more specialized information and experience. Two courses must be chosen from the upper level Performance and Production category. Two other courses must be selected from the upper level Literature, Criticism, and History category. The remaining two courses are General Electives that students may select based on their interests and needs.


Production Labs

Labs involve direct work on Theatre Department productions as a member of a preparation crew or a running crew. Majors will complete a total of six labs. Most labs are worth one credit, some earn two credits.