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Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences

Playwriting Courses

theatre department

THTR 3362 Playwriting I (Fall: 3 credits)
Cross listed with EN 241
Scott T. Cummings
This writing-intensive course offers a practical introduction to the art and craft of writing for performance. Students will engage in numerous writing exercises that highlight the special demands and opportunities of writing for the stage. Emphasis is placed on finding ways to contact and release the theatrical imagination and on mastering the basics of writing a solid dramatic scene. Exemplary plays by established playwrights will be studied as appropriate, but the overwhelming emphasis is on student writing. In addition to weekly assignments, students are expected to complete a one-act play.


THTR 4462 Playwriting II (Spring, alternate years: 3 credits)
Cross listed with EN 248
Scott T. Cummings
This laboratory course continues the work begun in Playwriting I on an advanced level and a more independent basis. In addition to in-class writing and take-home assignments, students will write a fully developed full-length play or two complete one-acts. The course places particular emphasis on the completion of lively, well-structured, rehearsal-ready scripts, and in that interest, a major revision of a work-in-progress is important. Attendance at local productions of new plays is expected.