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About the Department

theatre department - college of arts and sciences

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Historical Overview

In 1865, two years after Boston College opened, theater began at BC. It continued for many years as a student activity under the aegis of the Dramatics Society. In the early 1970s the College of Arts and Sciences established a theater major as part of the Department of Speech, Communications and Theatre. The Robsham Theater Arts Center opened in 1981 as the center of theater production on campus. In 1993 the Theatre Department was established as an independent department. Since then, both the academic and production programs have grown steadily in terms of faculty staff, theater majors, course offerings, and the quality and quantity of productions.

Production History

The Theatre Department, in conjunction with the Robsham Theater Arts Center, produces six plays a year, four directed by faculty and two by students. Starting with last year's season, here is a list of past productions going back a decade or more.

Caught in the Act

In 2007 Professor Scott T. Cummings worked with an ensemble of seven student actors and a student dramaturg-stage manager to create an original theater piece called Ashley's Purpose. BC photographer Lee Pellegrini stopped by an early rehearsal to document some of the preliminary work and Dan Soyer interviewed members of the cast for this audio slideshow presented by @BC.

The Laughter of Discovery

In 2003 Professor Stuart J. Hecht directed a Theatre Department production of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia. @BC, Boston College's electronic newsletter, created this video feature on the collaborative process that takes a play from page to stage.